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Portland Trip Pics

Dallas Denny

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72 degrees F, 24 hours a day, all year long. Never varies more than about 1/10 of a degree.

NEVER, ever buy a car from this man Siv!!!  LMAO!!!  But, while it did hit 100 while I was visiting, it was still very nice compared to this oppressive heat/humidity in Dallas!!  But the best was sleepin on the couch in Ron's living room with the windows open and the breeze blowin in off the mountains......very nice!!!!


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Is the weather there tolerable?

I think I can field this question.

It is in San Diego, which sports the mildest climate in the continental US. Pretty paradisey-ish.  8-)

Ahh, I wasn't aware of the location. I have been to San Diego multiple times thanks to the Navy. I do like it there. I spent my time on Coronado Island. It was lovely.

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