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Signing off for a bit !!!!

Shaun brearley

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2 minutes ago, spiny said:

5280 feet to a mile dude, yes! Hey, if I can hit my target at 600 yards, that means that I am good out to what is a 1/3 of a mile right? So I call that good! ;) 

I farm. And hunt. Weirdo here. 

Nothing wrong with farming and hunting :D!!!!!!! I'd rather be out in the open than stuck in an office for 12 to 14 hours a day 

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Why thank you Jon!!!  Annie was one of the best!!! I wear baseball caps!! 

I've not hunted in three years and we are overrun with deer. I want to find a local place that takes the meat and donates it to the needy. Venison is not a favorite, but jerky certainly is!! However it takes days to make it!! Suppose that this year, I have to get back to making jerky. :( Lots of work!!! and my hubby will need to buy a new dehydrator! He ruined mine. 

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