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  1. ...sorry for the ads, this is a .com so be aware...a bit of confirmation for anti inflammatory we all know. i follow autoimmune info as i have several and believe there is a connection between CH and the immune system....the extent i know not Autoimmune diseases: Ginger supplements may help manage inflammation (medicalnewstoday.com)
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  2. We can all be relieved that you don't prefer Cap'n Crunch.
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  3. Since left side episodic started in Oct 2013 I’ve tried most of the known treatments/meds and non-prescribed trials, and not much helped but time. Was hopeful with Emgality as I thought it worked but likely end of cycle, and so expensive even with decent fought for coverage. Lithium seemed better than Verapamil as the bridge etc but Niece with migraines busted out her peppermint oil last Aug ‘22. Dabbed and rubbed in to both temples and back of neck, and seemed 99% of time quelled the attacks. I let my Neurologist know and he’d never heard of it being helpful with Clusters. I’ve replaced the D3 regimen, Lithium, Verapamil, Gabapentin, and triptans for this. Have had cycles but this oddly seems to help. Still pissed off and exhausted after but it’s rare now for the pain to go to even a 4. Anybody try this stuff? All the best, Scott
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  4. I have not used the peppermint oil but I do use frankincense oil on a little piece of tissue and press it to the roof of my mouth to help reduce the ramp up time and aid the oxygen. I will use it as an alternative to a 5hr drink and it seems to have just about the same effect for me. Frankincense and oxygen combo and I can kill off an attack in 5 minutes most of the time.
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