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Found 11 results

  1. What if someone really found the cause of and a cure for cluster headaches? What would happen? How would they get the word out? Might they be suppressed? So often the answer to these questions just comes down to the money involved in treating, rather than CURING many debilitating "diseases". I have no idea how much money has gone into CH research, but I do know the COST of treatment. About 18 years ago, I began suffering from intense headaches around my left eye, which were first diagnosed as sinus headaches and treated with typical antibiotics, to no avail. Then it was diagnosed as s
  2. Hey everyone -- I am just getting into a bad cycle, and unfortunately, have work travel to New Orleans from this Friday to next Thursday (Aug 9 - 16). Oxygen is my lifesaver, and I'm a little panicked trying to find an oxygen supply while I'm there. I'm hoping there is someone in the New Orleans area who could spare one M and one E tank for a week? Happy to pay, and I have my own regulator/masks/etc. I really just need an M tank for my hotel room and an E tank for on the go (so I have some nearby meetings if I start to get shadows). I don't want to put anyone out of oxygen that they
  3. I would like to a acknowledge everyone who is suffering in pain, I pray that my Son or anyone else here will not go through the hell I went through just to write about it. I'll tell you it's going to be about a pity party like no other. However, at the end I found my cure and I hope you find yours. I was 22 when I was hit with a headache that didn't want to leave. Thank God, I had great insurance. I saw at least 3 ENT's - Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, a Couple of Neurosurgeons, a couple of Chiropractors, an acupuncturist, some gentleman who put a hot iron on my head... believe me wh
  4. I have been suffering from CH off and on for the past 7 years. I am currently in a phase where I get hit every single night between 7-9 pm, and again at some point during the night(typically around 3 am). They have gotten progressively worse, to the point where I’ll have a slight headache probably 85% of the day. I just started the D3 regimen today, but am looking for anything at this point. I’m becoming desperate, as I have felt my entire mood change throughout the day. I struggle to enjoy time with my kids and wife, because the only thing I think about is when my next CH will hit. Luckily I
  5. Hi my name is Brian and I am new here and have a quick question! I am 28 I have been having cluster headaches since my early 20s and as you all know the pain is unreal. My question though is about the nature of my cycles as I seem to have 2-4 cycles a year lasting only from a single day or two up to 10 days (longest it’s ever been). Is this abnormal as everything I read about cluster headaches suggests cycles are much longer than just a few days, I have all the normal symptoms of the headaches, the triggers associated with the headaches as well but my cycles don’t seem to fall at the exact sam
  6. Hi guys! I've read through some of the posts but I'm having a hard time understanding where we should start. Some background.... my boyfriend gets really bad cluster headaches. Today he got three, one of them lasting 2+ hours. It seems to me he usually gets them during season changes. Regardless, I want to start getting him some treatment to see if anything works. Where do we start? Do I get him to ask his doctor to prescribe oxygen? Should he go straight to medicine? If so, which ones? I can't tell which medicines are the most effective and have the highest likelihood of helping him.
  7. Hi all. 33yo Male, chronic migraines 21 years, cluster headaches 5 years. i know I'm going to be repeating common questions because I've seen some already, but the forums are very long and there's so much info I can't possibly take it all in. Apologies. im on day 8 of a cluster, this marks the first time a cluster has exceeded a week for me. The non episodic period is typically been 1-2 years between clusters, and then during a cycle I'm at pain every 12hrs typically like clockwork. This cycle is new, there have been 24hr periods between in some cases, and as few as 4 h
  8. So, I started to get migraine headaches around the age of 12 or 14. My mom took me to the family doctor, who prescribed Vicodin and referred me to a neurologist. I took the Vicodin and immediately fell in love with it. I started to overuse them, running out early, and making excuses as to why they were gone. As I got older, my headaches got worse. In high school I started to buy drugs, and was in full blown heroin addiction by the age of 22. Around this time I got a car for my birthday, and while driving I nodded off and crashed it. I told everyone that I had swerved the car in order to avoid
  9. Hi Everyone, I've suffered from all types of headaches for a long time. I'm currently being treated for migraines. However, my headaches often present significant cluster symptoms. My doctors and I are having a hard time diagnosing the type of headaches I'm having and subsequently, how to treat them. I'm already on depakote for my bi-polar II. It doesn't have an effect. I've taken lithium and topiramate for my mental health and those also did not have an effect. I take treximet (sumatriptan and naproxen) as an abortive, and it usually works, but the side effects are miserable. ANY help, f
  10. Hey all, This is my second post. I've had cluster headaches for about 20 years, but they usually only come at times of high stress. I currently think that the headaches are caused by extreme muscular tension in the neck, and I'd like to know whether or not other sufferers have similar tension? Do you have a knot in the muscles of your neck, hard as a rock, on the side that you get the cluster headaches? It might be so tense that you can't tell the difference between the muscle and bone, and even if you press on it, it doesn't really hurt. Please answer if you do, or if you don't,
  11. Hi All, this is my first post, but I've spent a lot of time on the site reading posts. It's a great community, thanks so much! So here's my hypothesis: I'm convinced that cluster headaches are caused by extreme muscular tension in the neck. If you eliminate the muscular tension, you eliminate the cluster headaches. Here's how we can start to test this hypothesis: I would love if each person who reads this checks themselves. My bet is that every one of you has a knotted muscle in the neck that's so tense it feels like a bone. And it's especially bad on the side where you get the headaches.
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