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Congratulations to our fearless leader!

Dallas Denny

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2 hours ago, Dallas Denny said:

Congratulations, Bob Wold! There was never a more deserving recipient of the National Headache Foundation Advocate award.


WHAT DALLAS DENNY SAID!! If there's ever been a mover and a shaker in the world of matching clusterheads up with impressive relief, it's our dedicated Clusterbusters founder Bob Wold! 

Today the National Headache Foundation Advocate award, tomorrow the Nobel Peace Prize. :D

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5 hours ago, spiny said:

They need an award for the Most Lives Saved! Bob would be TOP DOG there by a mile! :wub:

...that was exactly my first thought...we will never know how MANY...even if it were just one, and it's you...that's pretty damn amazing!

.....and a shout out and thank you to NHF for their perceptive recognition. they were formerly known as National Migraine Foundation and have been in the business of saving lives for decades. way back in the 80's they had a newsletter that ALWAYS included an article or forum response about CH. like water in the desert, seemingly the only source of CH widely available to the public. saved my sanity perhaps my life when they provided the blessed OXYGEN  information ...and a discussion of the meds then available. i am forever grateful for them, Bob, DJ Johnson....and y'all...

...and oh....COOL tie Bob!!!

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