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2012 conference


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Morning all.

Sitting here in Chicago, the Sunday session is about to start.

Details on that later.

But for now, before I announce it to the group attending, I'm going to let you all in on the news.

2012 conference

Las Vegas Nevada

September 21 to 23, 2012

(almost 100% positive for sure on the date)



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YES to this.....

By that time the wife will be Dr. Leeann Welch DMD, so she can pass this information on to her colleagues and be the liaison to the Dental community that we need!

YES to that too, lol

You can count Leeann and I in again next year for sure! That is also within driving distance for us, so it will be much more convenient for us. 
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Oh I'm sure there will be deals for you Ting!  Just super sure of it!!!!  :)

As a rule, once you're in the states, you can almost always find a $99 roundtrip ticket to Vegas.  So come to Oregon first and we'll go to Vegas on a deal!!!!

Do you live in Oregon too? Leeann and I are from Eugene/Springfield like Cindy! We hope to end up back in that area after Leeann graduates and possibly have her establish her practice there

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