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Cluster Headache Survey


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I've put together a quick little survey on cluster headaches, mostly focused at Triggers, Preventatives and Abortives, with a few demographic questions.

If you have 5 minutes (probably won't take that long) would love it if you'd fill it in for me. I'll publish the results in a few weeks.

Here is the link to the survey:




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I was contemplating the exact same thing.. :)  The more collective information we have on patterns the better.

Might want to add chocolate for triggers as that's a fairly common one.  Also fermented cheeses (blue cheese, swiss etc)

About forgot but didn't get put in the survey. Poptarts are also a trigger for me.


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Poptarts are also a trigger for me

The beast loves him some Poptarts (??!!) I guess.  :D

No, it's obvious Jeff's beast hates the Poptarts. They horribly enrage it. Jeff's beast must have been traumatized somehow with them as a child. If he loved them, coming out when Jeff ate them would make them go away.  ;)

I filled out the form but I'm still super out of it and my brain is still spazzy so I don't really remember what I filled out. And probably didn't include a lot of extras. (It was a night or two ago...)

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I heard if you deep fry them they are pretty good!


Oh Lordy, that is some seriously unhealthy diet action going on over there, but those people have a sense of humor I have to admit.  ;D

Anyplace where you find a topic titled "I just deep fried a f**king pop tart!".... :D :D

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I only like the Strawberry Poptarts, toasted or cold. Although, last time I had them they were a bit on the sugary side.

In Scotland, they deep-fry anything and everything. Deep-fried Mars Bars and Snickers is a speciality.


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If you're into this sort of thing, I highly suggest the Missouri state fair. There was one booth that would deep fry ANYTHING. buy it at a different booth, bring it to be fried. Good lord!

Poptarts though? How in the world?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spiny...... I agree!

Thanks to alleyoop & mad6string I had my first deep fried pickle a couple of years ago in Atlanta.....epicurious the lot of you!

[move] :D      :D      :D   deep fried    :D      :D      :D[/move]

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