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For all you Amazon shoppers out there...and I know you are out there....

They have a program where you can designate s small percentage of your purchase to be sent to your favorite non-profit organization.

Clusterbusters is registered and would appreciate it if you would take a percentage of Amazon's millions billions and have them donate to our cause.

A direct link to start shopping and donating:


Thanks very much,

Bob Wold

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For some reason, it WILL NOT let me change it using the link. I am currently supporting Wounded Warriors, but it gives me the option to choose a different charity. Since I cannot find Clusterbusters in the list, I can't change to it. I've tried searching "clusterbusters", "Cluster", "headache", and "CB" but it does not show up along side the dozen or so other charities that meet the criteria. Any suggestions?

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Guest theraginasian

Ah yes I see what you mean Stump BeefKnob; I just tried by switching to "Doctors Without Borders" and now I can't find Clusterbusters or switch back!


We're looking into it; will update you here ASAP.



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So, where did the money go?


When I set up an account for a friend Monday it would not accept Clusterbusters Inc. We used a default charty for her account. When I went to place an order with my account today, Amazon had switched my donation to the charity selected for my friend. So, now my donation does not go to CB.


I know that this has Bob W.'s attention and he is working to get it fixed ASAP.


I also feel and understand your frustration.

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