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Thanks for posting this.

Botox has shown some success with migraines and also has helped some people with clusters although its really hit and miss and takes time testing it in different areas of the scalp, face.

Dr. Robbins who presented at last years Clusterbuster conference has probably don't the most in the US with testing out Botox for clusters.

One more clue to help detail the whole vascular headache mystery.

It's also very difficult to get insurance companies to cover it for treating headaches in the US.


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Just another testimony that ya'll are a good lookin bunch.  Right Bob? ;)

Lee Ann

Yes and the best part is that although we could easily get along on our good looks alone, we also have the brains to go along with it. Not to mention our modesty ;-)


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What Bob said! Mike and I are in full agreement. I also heard that Alt folks are better lovers.

Btw, Mike got $2,500 - that we didn't have! - worth of shots into his forehead and It did absolutely nothing! Nothing!

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