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G'mornin ya'll!!

Please take a few minutes to make a public comment about the efficacy of O2 in aborting clusters!!  Although this is about coverage for Medicare recipients, most private insurers follow the lead of CMS! They'll be taking comments for 30 days!




Note:  from what I understand this site is not IOS friendly so if you have any issues commenting from an iPhone that's probably why.

Dallas Denny 

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thanks for posting this DD....

...does CB or anyone have thoughts on particular form and content of comments likely to be more effective than simply saying "O2 works for me"...or is it just number of affirmative commenters that's more important?


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Here's a lesson learned from the last time CMS requested public comments on their Non-Coverage Determination for home oxygen therapy for Medicare Beneficiaries suffering from CH in 2010. 

Do not write about your personal experience with home oxygen therapy as a CH abortive.  It will be redacted and a waste of time.  Do write about what you have observed in other CHers using oxygen as a CH abortive.  Do write about the cost differential between home oxygen therapy as a CH abortive and the $100 dollar a pop street price for a subcutaneous imitrex injection limited to nine per month. 

For example, the average CHer experiences three (3) CH in a 24 hour period.  When used with proper procedures, an M-Sized O2 cylinder contains sufficient gaseous oxygen for 30 CH aborts at a flow rate of 25 liters/minute (more than 100 aborts using my latest procedure hyperventilating with room air for 30 seconds then inhaling a lungful of 100% oxygen and holding it for 30 seconds).  Doing the math, the average CHer will consume 3 M-Size oxygen cylinders in a month.  At an average co-pay cost of $30 dollars per M-Size oxygen cylinder after insurance, that comes to $90 dollars a month out of pocket to cover aborts for all CH.  The out of pocket co-pay for a single 6 mg/.05ml subcutaneous injection of imitrex comes to $28 dollars.  Doing the math, with the limit of 9 injections/month, the total cost comes to $252/month for nine (9) aborts.  This doesn't cover the cost of the horrific pain CHers experience without home oxygen as an abortive when they've used up their monthly allowance of nine imitrex injections.

Take care and take action.

V/R, Batch


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