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British Medical Journal Article by Schindler & Burish


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This is one of the best, most complete pieces on Cluster that I've seen. No surprise given who the authors are, but I thought everyone should see it if you haven't. Not tons of new information for those of us who are battling daily, but the main intent of the article is to raise awareness and education in the medical community.  


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An excellent State of the Art Review of the Cluster Headache syndrome.  For members who didn't attend the Clusterbusters 14th Annual Cluster Headache Conference - Dallas, Texas in 2019, neurologists Emmanuelle Schindler and Mark Burish, the authors of this review, were among the featured speakers.  Both are dedicated to finding effective treatments for CH.  Emmanuelle is the PI for an RCT using psilocybin as the intervention for CH.

Mark was impressed enough with the results from my study of CHers following the anti-inflammatory regimen and treatment protocol with 10,000 IU/day of vitamin D3 plus the cofactors, to initiate an RCT of his own using a similar treatment protocol.  That RCT started recruiting earlier this year.

Take care,

V/R, Batch



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