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    Hey Dan, I've a published version of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH and MH preventative treatment protocol posted for download on the following VitaminDWiki link: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
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    Sounds like made up information to me. Most of studies with O2 have men but that's because of diagnosis bias. Physiologically male and female brains function the same. Its the manifestations of that physiology that creates the "Mars/Venus" effect (tongue in cheek, wink). Even if "60%" was true its still worth trying properly. Ask you doctor "If I have cancer and had a 60 % chance of responding to therapy would you offer it?" O2 is inexpensive and effective for aborting clusters and every cluster head deserves a chance to try it.
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    Hey Kat! I respond very well to O2. I have not heard of this disparity before. Perhaps it is a reflection of the doctors not knowing how to instruct the patient in how to use O2 for the best relief. I have found this to be a common problem. If you don't do it right and do the post breathing, it does not work very well. So, I would suggest it is related to lack of physician knowledge as opposed to the sex of the patient. Reminds me of the ratio of men to women with Ch. As more women are being accurately diagnosed that ratio has changed and women are about as likely to have Ch as a man is. It used to be thought of as primarily a disease of men while women get migraines.
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    I believe (opinion only) if a clusterhead needs surgery there are a few things you can request that can minimize attacks. In fact it possible that some anesthetic agents may help treat clusters. The literature on this is spotty and clinical reports are few but based on fairly decent response to psychedelics and the imputed mechanism of action certain anesthetics possess its not a big leap to speculate on what is the "best" mode of anesthesia if you require it. Again this is mostly based on speculation and personal experience. Be careful how you approach an anesthetist because if you act bossy you'll likely not get any consideration. There are two main forms of anesthesia utilized in developed countries: IV medications and inhaled agents. Its not unusual to mix the two. For cluster folks with wanky hypothalamus' the use of IV ketamine and propofol hits the right receptors and provides good anesthesia. In anesthesia parlance's this is a TIVA (total IV anesthesia) and is a pretty versatile combination. Adding some steroid like decadron also helps along with asking to wake up with 100% O2 running at 10-15 lpm through a non rebreathing mask. I have had the misfortune of needing a general anesthetic 5 times in the last year and a half and each time I was relieved to wake up clearheaded and lucid. I was surprised how all the anesthetists were aware of O2's role in clusters and more than willing to accommodate. They warned me about "green goblins" appearing and nightmares (ketamine is know for such things) I assured them I was able to handle that better than a cluster. Win another for the psychedelic experience.
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    Thanks Batch, Brain On Fire and Pebbles. Ordering my D3 supplies, feeling positive about what's ahead and looking forward to being involved in this community. Underestimated how validating it has been to see others talk about their experiences and treatments. Feel like it's helped me be able to properly see this thing in the light for the first time.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can fix your problems here or at least help a lot! For me it was as simple as busting.
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    Welcome to the community Willy!! Sorry you had the need to join us! Good to see that you have O2!! I'd suggest that you clue your doc in on the sumatriptin (imitrex).......for the vast majority of clusterheads the pills just don't work fast enough.....the imitrex nasal sprays work a bit better, but if you have to resort to the use of trex, the best option by far is injections. The best thing you can do in my opinion is read up on the anti inflammatory vitamin D3 regimen in our files section......you can start on it immediately once you have acquired all of the co factors but you will need to have some bloodwork done to establish your baseline levels.......we've watched this regimen work in folks life with ch for closing in on 10 years.....works well for about 75 to 80% of folks to either reduce the frequency and intensity of their hits or become painfree!! The originator of the regimen, Batch, is active on the forum so ask any questions you might have and someone will have an answer! The last option is busting and you'll also find extensive info on that in the clusterbusters files or the share your busting stories section of the forum. Dallas Denny
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    I come out of an attack feeling like I just went on a long journey and just got back home and I want to talk about what happened.
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    @BKP I just recieved a T shirt that I ordered from Amazon for the conference next month....sez "Yeah, sex is cool but have you ever felt the Beast leaving after a bad attack?" DD