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  1. @CHfather.....in my opinion these terms are somewhat blurred.....the amounts we suggest are, in my mind, sub hallucinogenic but that doesn't mean there's not an effect....as someone who has experienced recreational doses as high as 7g, I can assure you that the effects from that amount are indeed hallucinogenic!!  In contrast,my typical busting dose is 1.5 to 2.2g which produces distorted open eye and closed eye visuals but the experience is far short of being truly hallucinogenic!!

    Microdosing is considered to be sub perceptual and for that reason alone I don't believe that clusterheads will ever see that to have any significant efficacy.  

    However, they may find that a sub perceptual dose by itself,  or coupled with therapy, is efficacious for other afflictions especially in children.

  2. 15 hours ago, BoscoPiko said:

    Thanks for posting this. I am always interested in new developments. Truthfully I was not aware that psilocin converted to  psilocybin after breaching the blood brain- barrier. 


    @BoscoPiko actually, the primary substance contained in dried vitamin M is psilocybin which is what's known as the prodrug of psilocin......this conversion is normally achieved in the gut as stomach acid breaks down the shrooms.....once converted, the psilocin has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and moves out of the stomach and into the blood stream.

    I never took chemistry in school so I don't understand these processes well, but from what I've read, this conversion process is called dephosphorylation.....on the molecular level it amounts to removing one phosphor atom from the psilocybin molecule.

    When you dose using the lemon-tek method this conversion is accomplished by mixing dried, powdered M with lemon juice...so when you drink the lemon-tek mixture after soaking for 20 minutes, the psilocin can immediately transfer out of the stomach and into the blood vessels.

    As to the scope of the research, while the sub hallucinogenic doses may prove effective for some ailments, I believe clusterheads will require a larger dose to see any efficacy!




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  3. 10 hours ago, Cindi said:

    @Cindi I can just imagine what it must be like to have such a late onset of this terrible affliction!!  About to turn 76 myself but I've had almost 40 years to get used to this nonsense!!

    I need help, hope, words of encouragement or wisdom?? 

    Being so early on in your diagnosis, my best advice is probably H.O.P.E...Hold On Pain Ends!!

    Wishing for some pain-free time for you soon!

    Dallas Denny 

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  4. It's always exciting to read of these new developments, however, this particular piece raises a lot of questions for me!

    Of the 5 major psychoactive substances in vitamin M, psilocin is the only one capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and from every thing I've ever read, is very unstable after its conversion from psilocybin.


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    G'evenin ya'll!!

    Some permission changes were made today regarding the "Clusterbusters Files" section of the board.

    Going forward, only moderators will be able to add new content or make changes to existing threads, and members will no longer be able to post comments on existing threads.  If you have a question or comment regarding a particular Clusterbusters File, please start a new thread in the "General", "Theory and Implementation", or "Busting Stories" sections as appropriate.

    If anyone has issues accessing or viewing threads In the "Clusterbusters Files" section Going forward please alert us in this thread.

    Dallas Denny 

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  6. Anyone else catch this last nite?  Seems that the nat geo film crew made a visit to the clusterbusters conference this past year and included that video footage in this documentary titled "LSD.. the psychedelic revolution"...season 1 episode 3......many familiar faces including our fearless leader Bob W!!


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  7. On 10/28/2022 at 3:38 PM, Shaun brearley said:

    as for conference thanks I didn't know anything about it . It's only 2 hour drive away 

    So happy to see you're going to attend this inaugural event @Shaun brearley!!

    I'll never forget my first patient conference in Portland in 2010! 

    Be sure and give my good friend and our vice president of clusterbusters.org, Lady Ainslie, a big hug from me!

    And BTW, I second the jeebsters notion of your sharing your story if they have openings for speakers dude!!  If you'd be up for it I can definitely put Ainslie in touch with ya bud!


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  8. I'll chime in with a ditto on the need for a neurologist (preferably one who's also a headache specialist) and an MRI!!

    The thing that stood out to me in your last comment is the length of your 3.5 hour attack last night!!  Ima go out on a limb here and assume that you're not using high flow O2 to abort your attacks???  I've experienced those long assed hits before I found out about O2 so I would urge you to push for a script when you get in to see a neuro doc!!  

    Dallas Denny 

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  9. Hey ya'll!!

    Been a minute since I've posted!!  It's been a hectic few months since my Dad's passing but things are finally starting to slow down so hope to have a little more time for the forum!!

    Had hoped to be in Chi Town today, (hung over from last nites presidents reception and shenanigans that inevitably follow), but couldn't get the stars to align so just want to wish everyone safe travels and a great conference experience!!  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT participate in the chip challenge if invited!!  Lmao!!


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  10. Thought this might interest those of ya that incorporate energy shots with O2 to abort.....a good clusterhead buddy came for a visit this weekend and told me about these.....called Pure Kick and available here in okieland at Dollar General, 6 pkts for a buck!!!  Charles just mixes one in a bathroom sized Dixie cup and keeps it in the fridge....tosses it, hits the O2, aborts, and mixes another shot before he goes back to bed and sez they work just as well as the 99 cent shots that DG carries!




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  11. Happy New Year ya'll!  Hope everyone enjoyed the celebration......meh, I turned off the tube, put on my jammies, and went to bed at 8:30!

    So , I ran across this poem by our very own @Fast Eddie ....I'm fairly certain it's posted here but it's been a long time.....I first heard it at either the Portland conference in 2010 or Las Vegas in 2012 when Eddie recited it....great poem by a great guy!


    ‘We call each other clusterheads"
     by Eddie Langford


    There are many types of headaches
     I'm sure you've had your share
     From stress and strains and migraines
     To a sinus one here and there

    But let me tell you about one friend
     That puts them all to shame
     This headache is a demon
     And a cluster is it's name

    To see a full blown cluster
     Is a very scary sight
     It can happen in a moments time
     No matter day or night

    It is the worst pain known to man
     It will put us on our knees
     We pray someone will knock us out
     And give us some relief

    We call the start a shadow
     A sensation in the brain
     That says "the demons coming back"
     To taunt us once again

    The brain turns into cornmeal mush
     The eyeball starts exploding
     We moan and cry and rock our heads
     There’s no doubt how bad we're hurting

    We call each other clusterheads
     Our tiny little crew
     Of others who are just like us
     Who know what we go through
     So please don't say you understand
     Just what we're going through
     Unless you are a clusterhead
     You haven't got a clue



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