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  1. Congratulations! I predict lots of PF days in your future!
  2. Although I haven't tried Ritalin, I have used Adderal. No noticable change with my CH.Â
  3. Congrats, Jason!!! Thank you so much for all you did for us at the conference. Please tell me you're planning on joining us in Vegas next year. Thank You!
  4. CB on the Wall...courtesy of FunGuy The "Bobfather" undercover
  5. Maybe at next years conference CB will host a movie night with a viewing of "The Blues Brothers". At least then I would know what the heck you're referencing without my having to do a google search or call a friend.   [/img]
  6. All of this O2 talk reminded me of something that wasn't funny at the time...but it is now.  An acquaintance of mine once told me that I was "lucky" to have CH because I got to have O2 whenever I wanted. He was a former model and had a completely sincere look on his face as he proceeded to tell me about the anti-aging benefits of inhaling pure O2...how he had always wanted to try it when he was modeling...something about there being O2 bars in California or something...yada yada yada. True story.  WE ARE LUCKY!!! Â
  7. Yea! Looking forward to meeting you at the conference! Prior to a storm I also experience an increase in frequency/intesity of my CH. BREEEEEEEEEZ!!!!
  8. Perhaps we should make this a true confessions thread??? If that's the case, I need to reluctantly admit I went the "call a friend" route. He laughed when he saw it then kindly explained it to me while muffling chuckles over the fact that he actually had to explain it. That's okay, I felt much better after being assured there was no need to feel bad about calling him because "this one really was a difficult one to get" and that he was sure LOTS of other people wouldn't understand. Uhh-huh...   Hey, at least I've got you, Jeebs!
  9. Jeeeeeeeeebs... youuuu whoooo, where are youuuu? I miss you! Surely, you have something to say about all of this, right? Â
  10. Happy to hear you're feeling good! I'm afraid I'm not much help to you here. Before my first bust I detoxed from everything, including Verapamil, as I didn't want to take a chance on anything blocking. Just a thought, but since you're feeling good now it may be the ideal time to try tapering off.  Â
  11. Not yet, but I've already picked out what shoes to wear. Â Racer:Â hmmm....either that's just a pic of two police cars that you think are really cool or you're trying to imply something here...in which case, I would innocently plead blond while insisting that "I just don't understand". Â
  12. Is it 19? I'm so excited to meet everyone at the  CLUSTERBUSTER CONFERENCE! Sidekickkk and I on a 10+ hour road trip...it's going to be fun.  How much longer? Are we there yet???
  13. I was just all upset over the "I've had It!" thread, then I come here and am laughing until my sides hurt. This was a great idea, Ting! You ARE funny! I completely understand the repeated visits to the k-9 friend you met on vacation. Who could resist that face??? I trrryyyy to be a lady, Jeebs, but the "bad smell air" was just too twisted - hilarious!
  14. kaboom

    Had it!

    This gets me FIRED UP!!! Treating my CH with hallucinogens saved my life and enabled me to again become an employed, tax paying citizen. It infuriates me that in the very same fire proof safe holding my daughter's birth certificates also lays a written directive for my family to use in the event of legal repercussions. Coping with CH is misery enough, yet I have to live in fear over the possibility of being prosecuted and loosing my girls over using a pain reliever that has enabled me to live, work, and be a mother to my children. It's just not right! ThatHurts, I'm so sorry for everything you're going through.  Last summer I was in a very similar situation. Please feel free to PM/email me anytime. Big hug to you. Â
  15. Everybody's always coveting my shoes! I certainly won't be falling for the "come sit down for a complimentary shoe shine" line anymore. (psstt...Funguy, I think your a great mod and to show my gratitude, I will let you try on my Dorothy dress at the conference. Sorry, not the shoes, though.) You crack me up, Jeebs!Â
  16. 1. Are you: [highlight]A. Chronic[/highlight]B. Episodic 2. With the understanding that there are many factors affecting CH, do you feel that the D3 regimen: [highlight]A. Did nothing or nearly nothing for you.[/highlight] B. Eliminated your headaches. [highlight]C. Helped with the severity of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them.[/highlight] D. Helped with the frequency of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. [highlight]E. Seemed to help for a while but then stopped showing anything positive.[/highlight] If this is true for you, how long did this improvement last before stopping? 3. If you experienced positive results, how long were you on the D3 regimen before you experienced them? Umm...am I allowed to choose more than one answer to a question??? I'm really not a rebel, it's just that my head enjoys confusing me. Like so many other things I've tried for CH, it's difficult to tell if this has had a positive affect on my CH or if its a coincidence. When I first started the regimen, within 3 days it seemed that my pain levels dropped some. Right now I'm back in a high cycle but I've continued to stay on the vitamins just in case they may be helping with the pain levels. Â
  17. Today = civilian attire But when battle calls, I'm fully prepared with a stash of supplies and my neatly pressed Dorothy costume. "Click, click!"Â
  18. Reflecting...on how thankful I am for this website and message board. As I've mentioned before, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't try psychedelics sooner. I can honestly say that I wish I had known 20 years ago that "getting some A.S.S." would help CH. A.S.S. c h e i r e d o d   o s  m   s Richardo - I'm wearing my red shoes and strolling the yellow brick road right behind you. Wait for meeeee!
  19. Soooo....what are the odds that I was also looking into light therapy lamps today??? Although researchers may some day determine the hypothalamus is not the cause of CH, I know my sleep pattern definitely fluctuates as a CH cycle progresses. Hopefully, someone here has tried the lamps, but if not, I figure I'll go ahead and give it a try. It can't screw up my head too much more than it is already, right?  Here are a couple I was looking at: http://www.amazon.com/Philips-briteLITE-6-BriteLITE/dp/B0018804AY/ref=sr_1_5?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1312082442&sr=1-5 http://www.amazon.com/Philips-goLITE-BLU-Therapy-Device/dp/B001I45XL8/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1312082442&sr=1-1 http://www.amazon.com/NatureBright-SunTouch-Plus-Light-Therapy/dp/B000W8Y7FY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312083489&sr=8-1
  20. I used to hate the fact that I had to remain anonymous...but now your making it kind of fun!  ;D Â
  21. He was all of that... Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â and more. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â
  22. Thank you, O.U.C.H., for putting together such a well planned and informative conference. What an inspiration it was to meet members from O.U.C.H., Clusterheadaches.com, and Clusterbusters.com. Such FABULOUS and caring individuals! Jeebs, meeting you was one of the highlights of my whole trip! It was an honor to give a big hug to the man who offers encouragement and support to so many here. Jinx or no jinx, my head and I were in love all last week. Tues - Sunday night was completely PF - and this was despite three flights. This is the longest consecutive PF time I have had since fall of 2008. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! CH started again Sunday night almost the very minute I boarded the plane for my return flight home after the conference. What are the odds?!? Brew - Great meeting you! I will say that it's definitely a good thing our putting up the posters for Bob was done on a volunteer basis, because otherwise we probably would have been fired. (for those that don't know - 2 of the 3 large posters fell down during Bob's presentation...oops!) Bob Wold - Excellent job! Your PowerPoint presentation on LSA, LSD, Psilocybin was very informative and the latest updates on BOL is promising. We simply have to find a way to fund continued research on cluster headaches and BOL. We must! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the dedication and hard work you put into helping all of us. I cannot wait to see you again and hear more BOL updates at the Clusterbuster conference in September. Sorry about the posters falling...you'll have to talk to Brew about that.  : Pictures of Bob Wold at the O.U.C.H. conference: http://photobucket.com/fearlessleaderinaction
  23. sponsor verb - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: to support a person, organization or activity by giving money, encouragement or other help No need to even associate cure/treatment for CH. Sponsorship = advertising Kind of like Kotex and Nascar: "Feeling that the female audience is growing in leaps and bounds, Nascar has chosen KOTEX FEMININE PRODUCTS as it's new sponsor." Monster and Red Bull are both well established, therefore may not have interest in promoting. But, a smaller company may - one like RevHoney. http://www.revhoney.com/main.html I've used their drinks before - no artificial sweeteners (will give me a regular headache).
  24. Big HUG to everybody! This summer has been crazy busy between the kids being out of school and starting a new position at work. I'm still using the combo treatment about every 7 days. Last week was one of the best I've had in a long time. I had almost three days in a row nearly PF, THREE!!! YESSS! I'll make sure to put extra effort into getting on here to participate in the "general yapping and blabbing". Â
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