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  1. fly me to the moon!

    1. filacibin


      today is the tomorrow,you were worried yesterday, and all is well!!

  2. great news,this could very well be the start of a massive breakthrough!i can only imagine how hard it must of been to knock so many walls down to get to this point,! just the acceptance of the trials is a big move forward,a big well done to bob and his team.
  3. my old man use to get terrible migraines when i was growing up,my biggest fear is any of my 3 kids getting anything close to this shit we have to go through,i would not be able to handle the very thought of them going through this horrific disorder.
  4. well said jarhead,these brilliant folk on here really do need more recognition,like you i am stuck for words for the gratitude i hold for likes of chfather ,batch,spinny,can not name all, as so many!lets not forget are main man on the front lines"bob"!my respect for that great man is massive !
  5. you on the right site for learning and understanding this horrific disorder.you sound like a decent bloke,respect to you for supporting your partner,she will really appreciate you for this ,also ch father and many more most educated folk will be here guide you through. best wishes
  6. Bastard pred has destroyed me physically and mentally!!
  7. lets all hope she is without cluster,i suspect she is in a denial and ignorance stage of this disorder,if she does have it!!lets hope not.. my personal experience with prednisalone was horrendous!althrough at a very high dose it did eventually break my cycles ,the side effects were terrible,going from 13 half stone to 20 stone in six months,brittle bones ,the list goes on far to long,my specialist took me off them 3 years ago,so with my only line of defence apart from oxygen and imatrex , knowing of what i had to face without prednisalone was so scary,words can not explain how scared i was" with that defence gone"!but can only say if i had not of discovered mm treatment,i do not know where i would be today!,also big thanks to you guys here,"i respect appreciated you all"!
  8. Hello ricardo,great topic you have brought to the table.after 2 years of trial and error with my dose of mm,i have found myself in going to places i could not begin to write here what i did experience!mind blowing and very scary ,i call it going to "narnia".i dont like going there whatsoever,but if its a choice of "narnia"or going in to full scale battle with the beast,"there is no choice!".also i have learned to just let the high dose of mm,s just take me !!i have to take at least 3.5 grams tomorrow and i am shitting myself,but not as scary as other choice,also i have to look in to that link more ,and more,very interesting,last time i had a "narnia"naria did teach me a good lesson,!good shout ricardo,
  9. i all my tears of suffering i have never come across anyone from my isle of man . with only a small population of 85,000 i can understand,just a long shot but would be interested in sharing my story with someone closer to home!so give me a shout if your a" manx" clusterhead!cheers
  10. snap mate !just the thought of no access to are most needed medicine,all said .one of us will have to face the legal crap at some point.! i am a very private person dont do social media,this is the only site i have responded to, you fellow folks on here has really boosted my confidence in many ways included the thought of taking on the legal issues that we will all someday will come to face, and may i add i so much appreciated the comfort i have found with you guys ,thank you all
  11. this matter is going to become real in a big way,and soon ,therefore we have to be prepared!when they come knocking,and they will,that is when are defence will be so explosive to any half sencible judge or jury they simply could not turn away from the truth.!that is what i believe ,.i live in a police state so know first hand how are system" political and legal" works only against us of an horrific disorder!,i have made my choice if comes to it,"fight it "present the somewhat "shocking facts"!let the jury decide ,or judge,but they would face future critics,!would they not be aware of that!food for thought aye!wish could add more but not as educated as well as the good fellas on here,sorry ,my school was miles away from yours!ha,i so much appreciated being in touch with you guys ,thanks.
  12. yes mate,on right hand side"effected area".also always tense but just put that down to life! right arm will go very weak and can feel it down to my wrist!
  13. only just read this post after starting topic on aura.! check it out see if similar,have you been diagnosed by a specialist?reason i ask is,with my attacks i would not have the patience for any kind of activity especially meditate,but that is just me, "everyone is different"
  14. hello fellow clusterheads,it has only been in the past 4 years of my 18 years suffering that i get a terrible pulling, numbness,and tingling feeling from my neck down to my arm.feels like my neck is being stretched like a steak!"best description".but always before the beast is ready to strike.!my specialist says this is an aura phenomenon, any more input would be much appreciated. thank you
  15. not even able to get half fit,every time i try getting fit after a cycle exercise will kick it off again.
  16. also just registered,thanks bob
  17. hello elpo,hope you are feeling better,but try remember,you have got through the worse years like me and all us clusterheads! without any hope whatsoever ,but with my personal battle with the beast the, discovery of mm and lsd has made my life liveable.also being a father of three wonderful children,having my kids see me when in cluster hurts me even more knowing they are hurting for me!so try not to feel so bad about that matter,we are all so lonely with this disorder,so hope you can find some comfort on this site,as i do! your not totally alone elpo"talk to us"!hope this message finds you well.!
  18. this seems to be a fantastic idea,really hope it goes well,but my main concern would be if for example, we were in car accident and the police took your phone for there inquiries!with all the information about possession and consumption of class A drug!i just hope are dedicated clusterbuster can make me feel safer about this.deos anybody have any input on that matter? ,i have great appreciation for this idea,hope all goes well
  19. stay clear of it if you can,its frustrating thinking of upcoming events when you know the beats could appear! just the very thought of it coming to get you is enough,but i would suggest that you take medicine a week before any event,i personally do that using mm or lsd,!
  20. try best to keep to the five day rule,you could block your receptors in your brain!,therefore mm and lsd will have no effect,thats only my personal veiw.hope all goes well for you
  21. sounds great ,save everyone alot of hassle ,also collecting data on about this is the way forward,thank you bob.your dedication to this research is massively appreiciated and respected.thanks again.
  22. how are you getting on mate? better i hope,not not sure you should stop meds,if your taking verapamil or epilim?keep me informed ill do my best with advise, take care,
  23. hello timmy,,i take them in tab form so would not know for sure the exact dose,but i take 2 tabs five days apart,!hope this helps. taking each dose five days apart is most effective in stopping your cluster!wish you the very best
  24. hello timmy,after over 2years of trail and error with mushrooms and lsd,i discovered taking each dose five days apart is most effective in stopping your cluster,i take them in tab form so would not know for sure the exact dose,but i take 2 tabs five days apart,!hope this helps.
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