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  1. It’s a nasty drug and 3rd line treatment. I have a medical background and my doc won’t even recommend the stuff. Side effects are nasty. The sad thing is we will try almost anything to get the headaches to stop. I myself rely on psychedelics. Have you considered busting? It’s less dangerous than any of the pharma
  2. Valid points made by all. I forgot who it was but one of the regular posters was talking about the initial trials of imatrex and heart attacks. Hopefully some one will chime in. The other problem is most insurance companies will pay for 16-20 injections a month I have min of 60-90 CH a month. Sadly my insurance only covers them at 50% making them unaffordable. But when I got my 2 month break from busting. I stockpiled 40 injections. I save them for important days/ family or friend functions when I don’t want to be toughing it out.
  3. The answer is yes, there is a daily maximum amt of sumatriptan one can safely consume for injectable it’s 12mg. Depending on which injectable you use that could be 2 shots or 4 shots (zembrace). The triptans are a double edge sword. They have been shown to increase severity and number of attacks. Several people have posted they think they went from episodic CH to chronic CH from excessive sumatriptan use. There are also heart precautions with high usage. It’s not a totally benign Rx, but it feels like it’s gods gift to CH.
  4. So true, I’m on a shit ton of verapamil and still getting CHs. My doc wants me to continue it as he thinks I need a back up to mm. I think we’re going to have a long talk including BHDs rule. Thanks Chris this one hits home.
  5. Freud


    I’m so sorry buddy, I shipped it out last week. I had no interest then someone popped up who had success with an older model. I can tell you if you’re episodic it may be worth a shot. Are subsequent months cheaper being that you don’t need a new device? They sent me txt msgs about zero copay options and special no cost programs. My insurance wouldn’t cover it either but I’m chronic and it doesn’t really work for us.
  6. I do however totally understand wanting the pain to stop and taking drastic measures! No judgment.
  7. Medically coke IS bad it increases the hearts need for oxygen and decreases supply! You do the math.
  8. That’s interesting funtimes, didn’t picture the cigars either. E3r that’s one hell of a way to attack them. I’m scared of coke so I don’t touch the stuff. I’m chronic, long story short I was on another blocking med that takes a long time to get out of your system but I did achieve a 2 month break with mm when I was in monthly and not quarterly injections.
  9. What little freedoms in life I’m left with after the CHs I enjoy. I happen to eat a diversified diet. I smoke, and use medical marajauana is that a drug? I use mushrooms and LSD to treat my clusters do they count as drugs?
  10. I’m on 800mg and I wish it did something. I’ll be increasing soon too.
  11. Verapamil is first line rx therapy many people have tried it by the time they get here.
  12. Freud


    I found a person with ECH who has an old device that has gotten relief with it. The give away is over.
  13. Those are abortive methods. Busting refers to using psychedelics to prevent or stop a cycle of episodic CH or to stop and prevent chronic CH.
  14. Mark Verapamil did nothing at what dose did you give up. It quite often takes 800-1000mg a day to see results. Lithium is a second or third line therapy. Drop Boatman a note he recently tried lithium. The thing is you can’t bust when you’re on lithium so you may see less people that use it here for that reason alone.
  15. I’m so sorry this country is so ass backwards where marajuana is not legal. I’m even more sorry for the pain and suffering of CHs. Here are your options the way I see it. Since you’re not fully in cycle busting could prove to be successful, RC seeds probably the easiest option there. No insurance, try welding O2? Many people do it and have great success. No triptans no problem. It’s a double edged sword any way. Lastly you could try the D3 regimen. Many people have had success with it in decreasing severity and frequency. Hope this helps Brisn
  16. Freud


    Still don’t have any interest, if you’re curious and have CH or migraines it’s your’s.
  17. Freud


    I’m not getting any interest so if you’d like this gammacore to be your’s and you’re episodic. Drop me a line please.
  18. Freud


    Hi fellow cluster heads, i recieved a free gammacore through a free trial program my MD is in. The study’s show it doesn’t work that well for CCH and I would like to give it away. If some one out there gets good results but can’t afford one let me know. The divice has not been activated yet and is good for one month once it’s activated. I’ve been getting txt messages from them about programs they have now for people who’s insurance won’t cover it or you can’t afford it. You may want to look into it again if in the past that was a barrier to use. If no one with experience with them is interested I will open it up to anyone that wants to try one. It’s the newer second generation one. Not the original bulky one. It comes in original box with directions. It also works for migraines as well. So if I open it up to everyone all will be considered and I’ll have to figure out a raffle or essay thingy. Looking forward to hearing from y’all! Brian
  19. This may be spam I see nothing but seeds for sale.
  20. Look at the files on busting. Are you episodic or chronic. The imatrex inj can make the clusters worse. It’s a double edge sword. Oxygen is a godsend. Works faster then the trex.
  21. Coughing and bending over do it for me. The kind of crying I do when I have a CH is not the balling type where it raises intracranial pressure but rather a constant stream of tears.
  22. One of my rules are no two people have the exact same pain, pain is relative and you can’t judge some one else’s pain compared to yours. All you can do is empathize and offer help when possible. Great thread MG!
  23. CHF is on the money. I haven’t had a cavity filled since having clusters but I always ask for without epi bc it triggers migraines for me.
  24. The only “link” between dental work and CH is that people undergo unnecessary dental and sinus procedures thinking it’s the cause of their pain. These tend to be people with undiagnosed CH. don’t be scared there is no link between the 2. Getting and abscess and subsequent endocarditis from not treating it is your biggest risk.
  25. My mild depression has gone away since busting with mm.
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