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  1. Sorry people got to try to get some sleep hoping for a pain free night after vitimin L party in friday it 0014 over here in uk im in work at 0930
  2. Just doesn't make sense jon019
  3. Topic phama company buddy they run the world. Its all about money. Thats why we have no proper treatment for CH Not enough of us CH sufferers in world to buy medication of them for them to bother developing 1 for us .
  4. Sound thanks a lot NHS report over here has stated that it is going to give CH sufferers there lives back lol . They state that the cost is only £2700 per year . First 3 months is free to see if it work , if not you hand it back . . My neurologist tried to get me on it but local heath authority won't fund it . Makes you laugh really they fund triptan injections at £58 a shot . If i used them all the time id cost NHS thousands every year . But if your rite and results are not that good i will stay away from it . Cheers for info CHFather
  5. Hi every1 just a quick 1 to you lot over in US has any of you had the pleasure of this so called Gammacore , being rolled out in UK know Just wanted a bit of feedback on it if any as my nuro is taking about it. But can't get funding for it
  6. Organic Ginger root capsules 1100MG off amazon work wonders the beast has come back to hit me bosco but still no shadow since ive been taking these . 2 a day
  7. Lol . If we could i bet he would find a way to cause us pain !!!!!
  8. I wait to be pain free for 3 week b4 a drink as its 1 of my biggest triggers and it gives me 1 of my biggest attacks i have
  9. Hi bosco , im the same i managed to bust mine with LSD had a few days pain free, thought id shut (not shit ) the beast away but he came back to hit me big time , not panicking about it gonna give busting another go but also now been on D3 for last 3 days . Keep smiling through you will get there as we all will
  10. The capsules i use have no flavour so happy days
  11. Glad your getting some pain free days to enjoy your life again
  12. Really was a spelling mistake buddy , but glad it put a smile on your face
  13. Dorry i didn't shit myself away. I shut myself away lol
  14. Not really got advice about coping with life outside home really kimbers as every CH sufferer is different and every CH sufferer handles it differently . With time he will learn to handle it i promise . Life goes on , ive just been going through a rogue cycle this last 3 mouths and had to take time of work plus had major anxiety which I've never experienced b4 .i shit myself away in my house for 3 weeks due to the amount of attacks i was having plus i hate having attacks in public as i feel like a freak . Just bear with him as i said he will learn to live with it . Your on the rite track with everything your doing for him so just stick with it
  15. I've used varapamil but the dosage needed gave me heart block so neuro put me on Topiramate seems to reduce intensity of attacks . But you do need them in your body 3 mouths before cycle starts
  16. Hi kimbers . So good that your supporting your husband . Listen to these guys on here they were sent from god as far as im concerned . Your husband really needs to stick with the o2 as its so good he just needs to get the right rhythm for the attack he is having but he will learn that the more he uses it . Look at chugging and energy drink down first b4 hitting the o2 it give the o2 a head start . Plus look at busting
  17. Yea i hate the taste of ginger so capsules is the way to go for me
  18. Sorry im with you Bejeeber. Won't touch alcohol until I've been pain free for 3 weeks was on holiday nov 2016 in porta Vallarta Mexico . I had been pain free for 6 days whilst on holidays so thought great must be out of cycle im gonna risk a beer . Worst mistake i ever made . The attack was worst pain id ever experienced. Id only drank half a glass the speed it hit me was so fast . Me and alcohol know don't mix till 3 weeks pain free
  19. Hi Bosco ivebeen having same problem with this rogue cycle of mine . Ive seen a fair few people on here use ginger . So ordered myself some organic ginger root capsules 1100mg been taking 2 each morning for last 5 days and shadows seems to have gone
  20. Yes its on phase 2 . It is taking place in Basel Switzerland and it is for CH. Found out about it to late to get on it , as far as i know a US pharmaceutical company is involved in the trial
  21. Freud if your parents find this magical doctor (bless them they are only helping) let us all know buddy
  22. Yea funny . Same here Bosco thought I'd come out if a rouge cycle but the demon has shown it ugly head again in the middle of busting .maybe it is for past evils committed when younger Bejeeber. I know i was a shit . We should question every CH sufferer , see if we were all little shits when younger
  23. Lol .yea got be fair i do feel possessed during attack legs jerking snot flying and people do look at you as if your mad when trying toi explain this shit . God i wish we could go get exorcism .if only that easy
  24. Like my buddy bejeeber said i don't think so . If it was o2 wouldn't work triptans wouldn't work !!!! So i think you can forget about that 1 buddy
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