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Abby Doo Update- Non CH Related


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I'm excited so I figured I would give a little update on my Abby girl. It's been a long half a year since her surgery with lots of highs and lows. She's an old gal so surgery was sketchy to begin with. Options were non existent seeing the tendon was severed, so surgery it was. She pulled through and got stronger with each day, started to stand and walk about quite well albeit with an orthopedic boot. She has adjusted to the boot very well which is a good thing as we recently learned that she will be in it permanently. They fixed the area that was severed but the rest of the tendon was stretched to badly to allow her to be without the boot for support. She is the goodest of good girls! Today she trusted herself to do her favorite thing of all with the boot on.. God is good!





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2 hours ago, Shaun brearley said:

BLESS HER !!!!! , she looks great . Got to be fair Dad looks like  he's having fun @BoscoPiko

He was! We were both just so happy that she was finally willing to try. We've taken her to the lake several times since she was healed up but she wouldn't even get out of the car unless we made her and wouldn't touch the water:wacko: We just went again today and she loved it! Our biggest goal is her remaining quality of life. She deserves a good ending as she has brought us so much happiness! I know you know what I mean @Shaun brearleybeings your a double dog dad:)

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