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Another simple "cure"


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Hipshot, thanks for posting and alerting us to this rubbish. I've just visited their site and watched the video clip.

My first thought on opening their webpage was - airbrush much? Seems these doctors are more concerned about looking good on TV than good medicine.

Also, I have NEVER heard them called alarm clock headaches. Many of us consider the title 'cluster headache' to be lame beyond believe, alarm clock headaches make them sound even more minor.

What clueless people.


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I have had doctors tell me migraines are all in my head (well duh!) and that I must want them to happen because they are not real.  Seriously, a doctor said that.  I have also had doctors tell me to take Excedrin for migraines even though I am allergic to the Tylenol in Excedrin.  Apparently being unable to breathe and breaking out in hives is "all in my head" as well.  Ignore the idiots and remember, 50% of doctors graduate at the bottom of their class.  Also remember that a D- is a passing grade.  There are doctors out there who were only able to grasp 60% of the material they were supposed to learn.  Chilling to say the least.  When a doctor is that ignorant, don't just walk, run somewhere else.

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Hi everyone...

Not sure what i'm about to share is still 'on topic' but it's about a man in Germany (i live in The Neteherlands by the way) who claims he can 'cure migraines and cluster headaches'. 80 percent succesrate he claims. So i thought i'd add it here because i have too many doubts about him and his treatment.

His name is Heino Nieland. I dont know if some of you know about him...

His treatments don't fall under insurrence and are extremely expensive, except maybe if you're rich.

(And i'm not even talking about the travelling costs)

Just to show you that i can actually point out a site:


It's in Dutch eventhough he's in Germany and only works there.

If you want to know what's being said on that site for yourself you could always try 'google translate' and set it from Dutch to English. Copy/ paste and voila.

He basically says that migraines and clusterheadaches are an imbalance in hormones.

So he gives you Lidocaine injections in your groin-area, armpit and neck and that supposedly fixes the imbalance.

But he doesn't tell you how.

Because Lidocaine is only an local enesthetic as i understood. So i'm not sure how that would work.

He also puts you on a strict diet, eliminating all sugars.

A lot of costumers on their site says they've been cured.

But it doesn't always seem realistic.

Especially since he asks a tremendoes amount of money for advice and lidocaine shots and he won't tell anything about how it works.

Lidocaine isn't that expensive right? Or does it cost a thousand dollar per shot or something? No, right?

Even the dentists use it.

He does claim migraines are 'a protection mechanism of our brain'. :-O

Well, if he is real i would try to get the money for the entire treatment, but i doubt i can. I just can't afford that, not even a little bit.

Confused about this treatment for a while now.

Any thoughts?

(I get so desperate for cures sometimes. But i don't mean to act silly or naive)

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I think this is your reply, I clicked on the link you posted previously in this thread and here it is, nice work!  Maybe they weren't as successful as they thought at deleting it, haha.

"On a recent show, the doctors talked about “alarm clock headaches,” which they also described as cluster headaches.  IÂ’ll bet every time you cover any topic, someone claims that you have understated its severity and misstated its treatment . . . but I canÂ’t imagine a more inappropriate treatment of cluster headaches than that show provided.  Maybe there is such as thing as “alarm clock headaches” that is different from cluster headaches, and maybe the simple suggestions on the show will work for those alarm clock headaches.  But cluster headaches are practically universally agreed to be the worst pain that a human can experience (see wikipedia, if nothing else), and they are not brought on by talking on the phone too late, worrying about the grating alarm clock noise, or by stress, or by any of the things the show suggested—and they are far, far from being treatable by those means.

HereÂ’s the thing: the AVERAGE TIME between the first doctor visit and a cluster headache diagnosis is SEVEN YEARS.  Doctors donÂ’t understand this relatively rare affliction, and as a result many sufferers have no idea what they have.  They get teeth removed; they get treated, ineffectually, for sinus headaches or tension headaches or migraines; they suffer agonizingly and their suffering is discounted not just by physicians but by their friends and, often, their loved ones.  To minimize cluster headaches as you did, and to suggest simplistic “treatments” for them, is to perpetuate the misdiagnosis, the agony, and the stigmatization.  You could make such a difference if you treated this topic appropriately! Lots of people would be happy to help you."


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I got a shot in my groin once. Actually twice - within one minute of each other.

A few snips later, then the valium wore off and - bada bing, bada boom - my wife would no longer be able to get pregnant.

No more headaches!

I call bullshit - that darling little baby turned into a teenager. Just the start of my "headaches." ;)

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