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A little help please

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I need everyone's help please.

If you haven't already answered this on Facebook:

I need the answer to the following question and not to be rude, but, I don't need a lot of reasons why or questions, so we can keep on topic. We can discuss later. I promise. For now;

If you had to fill out a short diary about your cluster activity, over the previous 24 hours, every day, for a couple of months, would you prefer to complete it every day between:

A. 7:00-9:00am

B. 12:00-2:00pm

C: 6:00-8:00pm

Thank you all and please share with your friends and enemies alike ;-) .

Bob Wold

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It would be C for me too, but I've been in remission for a good long time, so I don't know that my vote should count right now....

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