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Stepping on toes


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I haven't been following the BOL thing much but I have to wonder if they need to proceed with extreme caution - if they illegally dispensed some now it could blow the whole deal and delay the development of BOL indefinitely, so they probably feel they have no choice but to let current CH'ers twist in the wind while they try to get BOL approved and on the market so it can help multitudes of CH'ers for a long time to come?

Of course there certainly are folks illegally making LSD in labs for distribution - I wonder if they are the more likely ones to try to get to make and distribute some BOL while they're at it? Not that I have any idea who they are.  :D

Hipshot that just royally blows - "blows into the toilet!" - (I just made that one up) that you could be getting slammed big time again right now after all of your previous success.  >:( WTF??!! is right.  :(

Throw in a bad trip and of course this would be getting anyone really down right now.

It very well may be a temporary blip - and you may get right back into being busted again so hang on there Hipshot!  :o

Meanwhile I figure we probably have to try not to let thoughts that originated during bad trips follow us too much afterwards (can be easier said than done - I know).

Wondering - did you try any anti-anxiety herbs such as skullcap or such during the last busting attempt?

So sorry to hear that CH has roared back and is really making your ship hot, Hip Shot.  :'(

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Hi Dan.  I hear you and understand your frustration and anger.  I too have not been enjoying the bust as much lately and would welcome a non-psychoactive medicine that could work on our pain. 

I would definitely try the BOL when it comes out, but not at those prices.  I guess it depends how much my crappy insurance will cover.   It is probably wiser for me to become better friends with my fungal and plant friends and accept the way of my world.

While I don't know about the BOL specifics and the people involved, I definitely know capitalism and it's grip on our culture.  How many times during the last election cycle did I hear how much we all love capitalism and how much we hate socialized medicine.  It used to be communism we hated and socialism was ok.  Now we hate socialism I guess.  I don't really care, I just know that $$  sometimes takes precedence over everything. 

I am definitely not taking shots at the BOL people because I don't know them or have not interacted with them....I just write to tell you Dan that I understand your pain and am hoping for better days! :)  Stay strong my cluster brother!

The Shaggy 8-)

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Haha Jeebers.

I didn't expect any replies but I bet a lot of clams there are some who agree.

I'm just pissed and at the end of my rope. "they have it" and I want it...for me and all of us. I will probably delete the post but thanks for having the  nads to reply.

Love you man


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I felt the same... especially being one of the original founders of ClusterBusters.... and I cannot get my hands on BOL.

I was having 16 CH's per day 5 months ago.... many at Kip levels heretofore unrecorded. I had mafia hit men begging to kill me for free! Just to put me out of my misery.

Kind of like divorce and custody and visitation... maybe a little late for us... but not too late for the kids.

If it were not for all of us, the drug would not be in the works.

One dose of BOL is about 30 hits of LSD, which even the best Sky Trooper cannot handle without the Bromide modification.

I am here and currently pain free... but only because of non-bromide modified paper. (Of course, I am not normal.. .after that last dose!) <g>

But, who defines normal? And, what are their credentials?

Hang in there... it will be available soon...

Not in the US, but available soon.

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Hey Dan,

I'm with ya, Bud. Most of my life I've been getting hit for being too trusting. I just kinda expect that everybody'll do the right thing. A BIG chunk of the time I'm disappointed. For way too many people it's about the money. F'ing greedy bastards. If I'd of had the brains to be the guy that came up with this BOL shit, I'd have distributed it to everybody just like we do with shrooms. Anybody that wanted to try it (which I bet would be most) would have it - for free. If 75-80% of the world's clusterheads suddenly became PF and as a block publicly demanded continued access to it from the government, I bet we'd get it - cheap. And soon. Sorta like diabetics and insulin. As long as somebody thinks that they can make some money from this shit, that'll be their main concern. As long as it's only a few more years to market (at $400/3 pills?) what the f do they care about the suffering of the people waiting for it. You know there's a lot more of it that's been made than's been taken. Where is it? Maybe we could just go and get it. I'm with you, Dan.

Luv ya Dude,


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I should have enough sense to stay out of this conversation, but I think you might ask yourself a few questions and try to figure out what the deal is.

What happened? Are you using different shrooms? Are they bad? Can you try a combo with fungi and seeds? Did you expose yourself to some trigger?

We really need to try to get you comfortable and pain free. I know we all have to try different types of dosing. In my case I don't have to use enough to chance a bad trip.

You certainly have the right to rant and I sure understand the frustration. The money issue, in my case was a blessing because I could not afford the RXs that were prescribed for CH. That paid off for me because I had to find a cheaper way to cope and a way not to poison my body and have even more serious health issues.

I don't know the politics of BOL or any other drug that is waiting for approval. I do not feel it is the "inventer's" fault, that these things move so slow.

It's sad when we have to go to another country to get treatment. And that could end up being an option. I hope not.

All I know is that I have to cover my self and keep what I need on hand and use it so it lasts.

I don't know what comes next. BOL could be approved and I might not be able to afford it. In that case I will still be using natures medicine.

An awful lot of help has come from this site and Dr. Halpern.

Most of all I want to tell you, I'm sorry you are in pain and I wish there was an answer. Guess we just keep on Truckin!

Hope you feel better very soon. Hope you are pain free. Hope you know there are many of us that all want the same thing, that you get a break now.     Leslie

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Hahahaha and hell  yes.

Thanks xeno and bonkers. I am not afukinlone :)

Where the hell is it? Are "they" afraid for us to try it?

Does it or does it not work?

How much revenue can they possibly loose if we try it and use it (if it works) while they get the t's crossed and i's dotted.

We could testify as to the benefits and demand this shit.RFN

I'm glad to be back on the board with you guys after a bad couple of weeks. 

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Thanks for the help Cassidy. Someone needs to think rationally for me sometimes. I just think that if this stuff is out there...WE should be able to get our hands on it.

I wonder what the penalty is for B&E in Massachusetts 8-)

When the lights all go down in Massachusetts...It just might be me 8-) 8-) 8-)

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Dan, I have nothing to add to what your friends here have said and will say.  I'm so sorry that you're suffering, because I've learned quickly in my short time here what a great and generous guy you are.  If it's BOL or whatever, I hope you'll get what you need soon.  Wish I had more than words for you.


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It's my understanding that BOL is a treatment, not a cure.

Cure = one and done.

Treatment = ongoing.

It's not like we ain't gonna cough it up eventually. I will gladly part with $400 every six months or so to keep this shit at bay without having to trip to do it.

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All is well Brew. Sorry.

Yes we are all on the same team.

I just was raised that if you have to go down...go down swinging.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!

I am ready to stomp on some toes if that might help any of us.

And Xeno...I am ready willing and able for an overseas visit. God let it be available soon somewhere...anywhere. Hell...we don't really know if it works 'till we try it.


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Hi Dan and evryone,

First off, Dan, I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting. I'll send a PM on that.

Secondly, I don't think anyone feels your frustration more than I do. (I know others are equally frustrated but not more so)

Clusterbusters has known there are several things out there that can help people and change their lives for the better, for years. We've been here 7 years knowing there are these things and we can't get them to people and can't move the "system" fast enough.

A few things that might explain a bit about our situation. None of them being "good" excuses for the time delays and monetary situation but just facts as I know them.

We were quoted a couple years ago that it would cost a pharmaceutical company between 100 and 200 million dollars to bring psilocybin to the market if all approvals were met. None of them have come forward to commit those types of funds to bring it to the market. Most I think has to do with the high cost vs our low numbers plus the fact that it would only have to be used a few times a year.

I can't imagine what they would want to charge for a dose but as an example, I was once prescribed a pill to ease stomach upset from all the meds I was on for clusters. It is one used for people on chemo therapy. It would have cost my insurance company $2500.00 per month. 30 pills. I declined. Almost $100.00 a pill for extra strength Tums.

There is no storeroom full of BOL that I know of. None in Massachusetts at all that I know of.

Yes, believe me, getting 10,000 doses made up that could be passed out for free was looked into several times. Labs and chemists have turned us down. If I could make it I would.

Clusterbusters paid $10,000.00 for the BOL that was used in the German study. There was only enough for the 6 people in the study.

I am told that someone living in China, flew to Germany, got a doc to write a script for BOL and a compounding pharmacy filled his prescription. He then flew home and broke his cycle just as the others had. I do not believe that could be done here in the states. I don't know if it can be duplicated in Germany.

Since getting involved in all this, we at Clusterbusters have become angered, frustrated and amazed at the costs and time delays in trying to get people help. Its been an incredible learning experience in how this damned system works.

Between dueling researchers, institutions more worried about their reputation, fearing my middle name was Leary, lab costs, review boards and government agencies, its obvious that nothing moves quickly unless its financially beneficial to do so.

Maybe we need to start throwing red paint on lab coats like PETA does on animal fur. Where are the people for the ethical treatment of cluster sufferers?


always open to suggestions

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And by the way it is 9pm and no head attack so far today.

That fact does not blow in the toilet ;D


AMEN - that fact definitely does not blow in the toilet - and the congregation is deep in prayer that there shall be no more infernal toilet blowing.

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Damn Dave   sorry, Dan.   :-)

The pain and frustration in your post, we all share that.

I'm glad you're doing better today.   

Bob is correct, this has been a lengthy process, if there was a quicker and safe way to to this, a lot of us would be in line to try it.   

Be well my friend. 


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