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Flying advice


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Other common and recently advised flying tactics have included energy shot(s) in pocket, SPUT (Small Piece Under Tongue - of psilocybe mushroom), triptan nasal spray in pocket, and triptan pill one hour prior to take off.

@xBoss also just advised hot soaks for aborts, but OK that could be challenging on a plane - unless you're in First Class. :lol:

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16 hours ago, Davemk1 said:

Hi anyone dealt with the problem of flying and the low flow of portable oxygen concentrators ??

I have this fear and haven't flown since CH. I received some pretty cool info when I posted about it (flying). Here is a quick overview of the info I received:

1. Make sure you have abortive meds in your carry on (imatrex injections, Sumatriptan tablets, nasal spray abortive in hand if you don't inject.

2. Have caffeine tablets at the ready and or 5 hour energy, red bull or a monster if the hostist can't serve black strong coffee (most air line coffee is weak)

3. Try and fly when out of cycle if possible 

4. Make arrangements for O2 at the destination you will be going to.

5. Take an abortive prior to boarding 

6. Cross your heart and don't hope to die 

7. Make sure to tell all of us cluster heads how you fare.

Ok ok I hope none but the best for you even if I sound like a joker. I have to go to a wedding here soon and um well I'm terrified as it's when I will be in cycle.  I'm not going to fly but the terrain (elevation) terrifies me.

Here's to your success!!

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Flying is bad but I find that flights with layovers are the worst, I almost always ends up getting hits. For me its zomig. I try not to use triptans except for vacations this is the only way I have found to keep from ruining trips and vacations for my wife. I hate this condition we have been lucky enough to be born with! Can’t win the lottery but sure as hell can win a condition that only effects .01% of the population! 

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On 1/18/2022 at 6:03 PM, Bejeeber said:


@xBoss also just advised hot soaks for aborts, but OK that could be challenging on a plane 

Wondering... could the hit soaks, showers, hot min pool, etc...  thinking back to the pick up truck covered in pollen -  cld it be that it helps because u/we r dealing w an allergen??

Hot water wld take it out of the air.  My (own) post abt steamin up the hotel rooms? Struck me as odd.  

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Thanks all for the great info,,I have been saving for a long time to take the children (of which i may be the biggest).Two weeks in april staying on disney world property if i was ever hoping to catch a break with the beast its for then,fingers crossed.

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