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  1. http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-travel-blog.html Was thinking we could make it a group blog or make the pics available for followers only. But no one signed up as followers!! Hint hint....
  2. tingeling


    Hi I went to this massage guy a week ago. i had to fill out this paper about general health and wrote of course CH. Today i went again and this guy had checked out what CH was and it seems he really understood. He gave me half an hour free massage, copping massage, face, throat, head and neck for free!! I had just ordered 30 min with upper back massage. what a nice man!! He asked and asked about CH and he really didn`t understand how anyone could live with this. LOL, i guess we really can`t, unless we find CB. I told him i was living Wednesday to meet others who had chosen an alternative way of treating it Chicago!!!! YAY, i`m so excited. Today i will pack my bag i think. Do we need like something nice to wear for the evening, like to go for dinner all together or what? Excited!!! ;D ;D See you soon Tingeling
  3. I think Allsalvia got very good qualitie. Price is higher but they are so much better. in my opinion.
  4. Someone need to show me this.... ;D Well, how`s the weather in Chicago? What do i need to pack?!!
  5. High flow OnDemand will be delivered in my room. Yeah 8-) I got the flu or something... Need to get well to Wednesday!
  6. Thanks man sounds like my supplier will get me ondemand afterall, crossing fingers
  7. Tlaked to my supplier, seems like they can get me a high flow reg!!
  8. i have o2 delivered in my room but they wouldn't give me high flow since i managed with lower. But that was just cause i had no option. My reg do not fit USA tank standard i found out. I will just take what they give me, hopefully 25.
  9. So i couldn't get high flow reg from the linde group in USA. In Turkey the supplier didn't have it so i had to say thanks to what they got. The problem now is they ask why do i need high flow when i used 15 in Turkey... For some reason i thought USA used the same i don't know the word for where you screw the reg in. Like the same there is on the side on a screw. Eh... You know what i mean? Anyway i found out you don't have the same system. Now i will get 4 20l o2 tanks in my room without a regulator... The linde group gonna be there, will it be possible to buy or rent a regulator there? Thank you Tingeling
  10. You kept the spirit up for sure Scott. Hope this will work out for you. Tell us how your doing now and then You will be in my thoughts All the best Tingeling
  11. Stupid question but...you are using cold water to soak the seeds?
  12. You folks entertain me and scare me at the same time... ;D
  13. Should have added together in the end. So, word on your word. True words.
  14. no mather what, it won`t do what busting does.
  15. Hi Just like to share some thoughts. When a person goes trough traumas like cancer or serious accidents or other things, like years with pain like we have. That person will often get a new outlook on life. What is life, who are we, what do we really want? I`m not sure if i know who i am fully, most likely i will never know? But i do know better than ever what i value, what i need, what i want, what i wish. For me, living life after a "normal A4" is not what i want. Actually i cannot do it. No, i`m not willing to do so. I ask myself am i selfish? Should i do what people expect me to do? Should i follow the masses? Is it my duty to stay with people who cannot respect my life views? Or am i wrong? Everyone`s truth`s in life is a truth to them. How that becomes a truth depends on various factors. Some keep their truths their entire life without changing them. Mine has been changed to the opposites mostly. Is my truth truer than your truth, or yours truer than mine? Everyone holds their own personal truth. Respect for each others truth. Individuality and respect for diversity. You need to be you. I need to be me. Side by side. Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. Dr. Seuss (Oh, i`m nausea after too many chocolate chip cookies. Darn cookies. Or i shouldn`t have eaten that many ) My best wishes to all Tingeling
  16. There`s two not that far away from you here on the board. One actually very close. All you need to do is pm us or call us, we can help you.
  17. Well i guess the risk of abuse is why it is end of the line treatment. For me i thought the side effect with weight loss was too heavy.
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