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Dehydration vs Stress


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I've noticed that when I'm at work, I rarely have a bad cluster. But when I'm home in the evenings or weekends, I get hit quite often.

I always assumed that clusters don't like stress, and when I'm relaxed, they hit. This has been supported by other people making similar comments and I think there is some value in it.

But also, when I'm at work, I'm constantly drinking. I have either coffee or water in my hand most of the time. But at home, I don't drink as often.

This has been driven home to me the last few times my best friend and I were out shopping. After walking around stores for a couple of hours, I found myself very thirsty and dehydrated. As a result I started getting a headache and had real problems thinking straight and no motivation. I often got a cluster attack a little later too.

So, just wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar.


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Ditto all that !!

In 4 years, have never used the O2 at work ... or needed it. 

First day off, like clockwork I get hit at 2pm, then again that night.

Have tried going to the gym or just fast-walking at "hit-time" on days

off.  Eat good, drink plenty of water and try to sleep ..... first day off

and here it comes. 

I never go to shopping malls (hit 6/6 times in last 3 years), drive anywhere

(hit 44/50 times) or take that afternoon nap (hit way too many to count).

Just sit down and relax then get ready...lol Never relax....ever

Yup, that just how it works!


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I know "stay stressed" is a mantra for many a headbanger.

I like to think that stay engaged can give stay stressed a run for it's money for helping keep the hits at bay, but with less wear and tear. For some of us anyway.

I will second BB's Never Relax (if the busting isn't kicking in).

Not that 'ol you know beasty who doesn't patiently wait, knowing that eventually ya have to fall asleep.  >:(

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in Dec 09 I wanted out. I was like "Cheque Please! "

I had one of the most stressfull jobs. I was a service advisor at a dealership. If it wasnt the dealer principal on my butt, it was the service manager, if it wasnt him , it was mechanics giving me grief. And then customers.

Christmas Eve, Dec 24,2009 I had a customer verbally assault me for 20 min calling me every name in the book. Then he assaulted me physcially. I stood there and took it.

In fact I didnt blame the guy for being mad at all. He had every right to (mechanic resetting engine light, not taking time to fix) but how he handled it was another story.

So after I was assaulted, my service manager went and hid. I walked into show room and found owner. He said "woulda do?" I sad nothing,your mechanic doesnt want to fix it. I said I dont get paid to get assaulted verbally or physcially. He said yes thats what you get paid for,I said you deal with him. That was my last day there. I quit over Xmas holidays.

I had also had 21 hours sleep in 21 days. I was getting hit with so many attacks from stress at work that I couldnt sleep as Id get hit every other hour non stop for 21 days.

I took a holiday and email the owner and said I quit due to stress,

My attacks cut in half within 2 days of quitting.

I ended up owning my own business for a year.

Being a business owner was stressfull but different.

I loved what I did. I was young enough to hide my attacks when I had them and did what I could when they got back with notes on the door"Family Emergency" and left or hide in the bathroom during attacks. Now the older I have gotten(41 this week), the harder it has become for me to hide and fight the attacks. WHich I can no longer do.

Moral of story. Stress is #1 trigger for me. I avoid it like the plague.

If finding another job that makes you happy might be an option. Self employment or disability like me.

I think with everything that has happened to me in life with that crappy job, loosing my business, having 4 brain surgeries and ending up on disability is because  I am right where I am supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason.

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Maybe we should work 24 hours a day. Do speed, never sleep, never get a head attack.

Get rich from all of the work we do, give millions Clusterbusters, find cure :D

I agree. But I also think it needs to be the right kind of stress. Like CHS was saying, the wrong kind of stress is not good either.

I think keeping busy, doing what you enjoy but always being focused is good.

I also rarely get attacked if I'm at someone else's house. Driving, sure, quite often. Home alone, all the time. I have to be somewhere where I feel safe and secure it seems, to get hit with the really bad ones that is.

Stress good, relaxation bad.

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But also, when I'm at work, I'm constantly drinking. I have either coffee or water in my hand most of the time. But at home, I don't drink as often. 


Have you heard of, considered, or tried the H2O therapy? 

If I remember right, it is one 8oz glass of water every 30 minutes.

Your thoughts on dehydration made me think of it.  I have tried it in the past with no real luck..... but that doesn't mean it can't do something for you.

I'm not sure what it actually "does", but I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that water carries oxygen.  I DO know that it causes many trips to the bathroom :)

Just a thought.  Hope all is well with ya!!


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  • 1 year later...

Hiya Steve :)

Yes I have in fact. One of the very first posts I read on our sister site was about the H2o regimen. I tried it then for a week or so. Have never been so water logged in my life. Struggled to keep it up and it only helped marginally if at all. I do a pretty good job of keeping hydrated these days, am drinking more at home. Still get slammed though.

Hey gardengal,

I find keeping regular sleep patterns is key to keeping the beast away. I found that if I have more than 2 late nights in a row, I'm sure to get hammered. Even 2 late nights back to back is a risk, and I never have more than 2 late nights in a given week. 10:00 bed time is my norm.


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Morning all...

Thought I'd add to this too...

I totally agree! All my evening, weekends and holidays are overshadowed with bad-heads!!

I also wondered if it was something to do with de-stressing, I do try to continue to drink as much at home as I do at work.  But, as soon as I know I'm ready for finishing, my head can start, so could it be psychological?? Or the beast playing cruel tricks?

Car/bus/train/plain/boat journeys are always a nightmare, no matter how short, they always make me feel ill :( Not so bad on journey driving to work, but coming home with a head!!! OMG!!

I hate shopping centres too...always thought it was the overcrowding, noise and lighting....If i HAVE to go i ALWAYS end up taking meds whilst there...best avoided, online shopping is a godsend :)

Regular sleep pattern, if you can get it... a must :) I find sleep so difficult though, so this is kind of a vicious circle for me.

Happy weekend :)

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Oh! Shopping centres - that's an interesting topic. I always get very dehydrated when shopping.

I notice when I get dehydrated I find it hard to focus, words get jumbled, thinking is difficult. I am quite careful to make sure I stop and drink and re-hydrate.

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