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  1. Hi My tongue has gone curly after trying to speak your language too long. Think all of you should learn how to speak Norwegian instead. That make sense to me. Also i`m badly damaged. I came home and made a pizza. Insanity. Or perhaps cause i do like pizza, and after looking at pizza everyday i got tempted. It`s just that you folks got this cheese thing... It is nasty, you should know that. I found cheese on everything, or actually it`s more cheese that got traces of other stuff. My travel home was completely pf!! So, i get pf the day i get home. Well well. Or maybe cause i had the Schisandra i made everyone else to do while i was there. I did take them the last time i was flying. On my way home i kept thinking of a thing. We`re 1401 member in here, experienced and still experiencing an pretty extreme condition. And we tend to be a bit extreme and "doers" as persons maybe too. A big part of those live in USA. My question is How do we get those people to come and meet the ones they feel familiar with? I didn`t sleep at all on my way home in fear of getting hit, might fall of the coach and hurt myself soon. Better go and relax a bit. Oh, have you ever given someone "the evil cluster eye" (this is how Potters cat look like)? Like if someone talks to you during a high kip and your standing and huffing O2 and you think something and used your evil cluster eye instead. I would like to thank every person attending on that conference for being you and let me get to know you. Thank you What a wonderful time we had and let`s get together again!! Your in my heart forever Like Cindy says "awesome applesauce"!! ;D I wish you all the best in this world. Big hug Tingeling Ps. Anyone who wasn`t forced to either do Schisandra, eat Norwegian chocolate or caramels? Or getting the question "may i blog this"?
  2. There's picture of ondemand in my blog:) you can find it under training and ch.
  3. Don`t make me go around a hole night being worried for you the next time, thank you mam Nice meeting you
  4. Your an interesting man we all loved to have with us!! Thank you
  5. http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/09/meet-and-greet.html
  6. You need to go on the right side of the blog and click into the different posts.
  7. My BLOG Ron?! and all the others who hasn`t been a follower?!
  8. tingeling


    Brwe and Dan here is two great persons!! Just had to say it.
  9. Was looking for Andrew and you when i finally came down. Wanted to say bye and hug a bit! how did Andrew do with the Schisandra?
  10. Redd, where are you? I see your mood is changed to lonely. I tried call your room but no answer. I`m in room 323, call me or knock on my door. Or have you found someone?
  11. That`s right. Just met Kyle and his wife Lee Ann Where`s Kaboom and Sidekick??
  12. Thank you Brew:) Bejebeer, was thinkin the same. Red Bull day tomorrow! Hoppla!
  13. fuck! My flight got cancelled.. I will have to fly to Amsterdam to Atlanta then Chicago. OMG will ch handle this? Extra landing and take off is just not good! Damn!
  14. Hi Finally i made it!! The travel blog is now in English language. I will bring my computer (cause i ruined my plans about getting an Ipad by shooping other stuff ) just to update you folks in the evening, so come on, sign up!! See ya Tingeling
  15. Still not in English?! I will try again Nice to have some followers ;D Thanks!!
  16. Follow, or if you get it in Norwegian where it says "Bli medlem på dette", blue button. Thanks folks!! Felt realy stupid posting to 1 person, lol ;D I`m packing, how much luggage do one person need?! Thought i was good with one trolley suitcase, but i need a big one :-? And i think i should pack allot of kleenex... Suspect there will be a little bit tears maybe
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