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  1. You can also write A message in his wall asking for help...
  2. Hmm, that happened to me once, but then it allowed me to message him. He will see this post where i tagged his name. He pretty much looks at every vit D post as well. Give him a little time, he’s kind of off grid with limited internet access atm.
  3. Looks like you’re missing the K, https://www.amazon.com/Life-Extension-Advanced-Complex-softgels/dp/B004GW4S0G send @Batch a message he’ll respond...
  4. I pace a shit ton does that count. Lol. I log a lot of steps...
  5. I have seen people post that running, push ups, exercise helps them abort an attack. But in the year or so I’ve been here I do not recall some one saying it triggers them...
  6. If you don’t mind us asking who are you going to see in the states, there are plenty of good CH Docs here and a lot that are a waste of time....
  7. Opening : The Law Isn't Ready For Psychedelic Medicine from the ready-or-not-here-it-comes dept. Matt Lamkin reports via Scientific American: In March, the Food and Drug Administration approved esketamine, a drug that produces psychedelic effects, to treat depression -- the first psychedelic ever to clear that bar. Meanwhile the FDA has granted "breakthrough therapy" status -- a designation that enables fast-tracked research -- to study MDMA (also called "ecstasy") as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and psilocybin as a treatment for major depression. While these and other psychedelic drugs show promise as treatments for specific illnesses, FDA approval means doctors could also prescribe them for other, "off-label" purposes -- including enhancing the quality of life of people who do not suffer from any disorder. Hence if MDMA gains approval as a treatment for PTSD, psychiatrists could prescribe the drug for very different purposes. Yet while the FDA generally does not regulate physicians' prescribing practices, a federal law called the Controlled Substances Act bars them from writing prescriptions without a "legitimate medical purpose." Although this prohibition aims to prevent doctors from acting as drug traffickers, the law does not explain which purposes qualify as "legitimate," nor how to distinguish valid prescriptions from those that merely enable patients' illicit drug abuse. Would prescribing a psychedelic drug simply to promote empathy or increase "life satisfaction" fall within the scope of legitimate medicine -- or would these practices render the physician a drug dealer? To many the answer may seem obvious: to qualify as a "medical" use, a drug must be prescribed to treat an illness. But in fact, medical practice has always included interventions aimed at promoting the well-being of healthy individuals. "At a time when 'lifestyle drugs' are marketed as consumer products, it is increasingly difficult to draw a bright line that distinguishes legitimate medical practices from their illicit cousins," adds Lamkin. "If prescribing mind-altering drugs to help healthy people achieve desirable mental states falls within the bounds of legitimate medicine, what is left of the concept of recreational use?".
  8. Yes but CH runs the gamut. You’re not alone but rare. There are some that cycle 2 times a year , every other, every 3 rd year... we all have a different number of attacks....
  9. It’s the same drug but oral sumatriptan rarely works for CH. it take too long to absorb, plus it’s not as bioavailable as the injection. 99% of CH patients get no relief from oral but get relief in 5-10min with the injection. I do agree with John it’s unlikely that one dose here or there of sumatriptan would cause worsening CH. it’s more of a problem with frequent use...
  10. I have also been told by my pervious doc that it can take months to work. So I’m surprised they only studied it less than a month out. That placebo group is strange!
  11. From what brief exchange I had w BHD, it has a wide range of “help” for different patients. He’s had patients go from chronic to episodic, others that just get a reduction, some remission and yet others no relief. He thinks it’s worth trying for some one that is uncontrolled like me. However we both agreed to wait until I was fully detoxed from the invega and can say for sure if psychedelics will work for me. It’s my last option...
  12. You’re best off making a new post or searching for CBD in this website to see what people’s experience has been. It is a drug. Not so much a recreational drug like thc, but a drug none the less...
  13. Freud

    half time

    I don’t think CBD is an alternative to thc. They have totally different effects on the body. CBD is not psychoactive, thc is... they have different uses... they both have a great place in health and medicine. CBD has become a fad, they put it in everything from human edibles, soaps, even dog foods like you said. It’s said to have a calming effect on people at lower doses. Helps raise the seizure threshold... modulate pain...its very safe.
  14. Wow, crawlers are an interesting thing. It’s like the matrix. Lol. Glad we got one not bot... welcome
  15. Freud


    So I came across some one that makes DMT cartridges to vape... that uses DMSO as a carrier fluid, he also claims it’s great for you (DMSO) and sent me this link https://hebrewofyhwh.wordpress.com/chapter-9-health-and-healing-issues-for-the-man-of-yhwh/dmso-the-persecuted-drug-full-copy-of-the-book/ i have only read a fraction of it and will pick it up again when thisbkip 9 breaks. When you look it up on the web, webMD and RXlist (not my favorite sites) say it has been used to treat headaches. Nothing comes up when I search the site for DMSO... any thoughts? @BostonHeadacheDoc Ever heard of or used DMSO to treat any kind of headache. As a carrier for DMT it’s probably ok, however there is a small risk of a respiratory reaction. I would only use it to abort a kip 10 while in a busting schedule after oxygen has failed a few attempts (some times if I try O2 a second or third time I abort), when I couldn’t use a trex...
  16. I’m sorry I just couldn’t leave it alone. As with any cluster head I wish you the very best of luck and hope you’re pain free for the rest of your life. This is no picnic for any one. Mahalo
  17. There you go using the “C” word. Again, unfortunately you don’t learn. You didn’t cure anything, you eliminated a trigger for yourself. Your brain is just as fed up as ours, may be more. That’s great you found your major trigger. But. Triggers change, not everyone has the same triggers. keep in mind this is a site about busting, over the years people have added other helpful things, but this isn’t ch.com. So when you start posting about a “cure” and refuse to stop using the word you really offend people here! God knows we all want a cure but what you found is no cure. Even though (to the best of my knowledge) @Psiloscribe Has not had a CH in years he doses 2x a year but would NEVER say he has a cure! Same goes for @Batch with his amazing (data driven!!!) results with his vitamin D protocol would never have the bravado to claim a “cure”. You are in a site that was created specifically for busting, as a separate site from CH.com for the purposes of sharing knowledge about the use of psychedelics to treat (NOT CURE) CH. so when you come here saying you have a cure, don’t want to hear anything about busting, and still claim you’ve cured yourself. I again think you need to do a quick search (upper right of your screen) for “cure” start with the oldest posts first and work your way up to your cure...
  18. And FYI, you’re only a victim if you allow yourself to be. Not my modus operandi.
  19. Teacher leave those kids alone... a Pink Floyd fan?
  20. Search for diet in this site may be there is more than one you can try. Plenty of options out there maybe yours isn’t the best one.
  21. No thanks, I’ll stick w busting, “fat people” not so nice. Very tactful I see. In my experience with busting and CH people they stick to it if it works for them. Busting doesn’t address triggers. It goes to the root cause. And like several people have told you your addressing a particular trigger for you. Please refrain from being rude!
  22. This seems to address your triggers. Not for every one. But an accepted proven method of treatment is busting and BOF is pain free due to it. So what is there to be gained is my point.
  23. What will she stand to gain she is already PF, in remission so to speak?
  24. before 8 am EST and there are over 90guests logged on in the last 30min. Spectacular.
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