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Stump BeefKnob

Cluster Buster Conference roll call!!

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My family will be there, all 3 of us!

I am anxious for Andrew to finally meet others with CH. 

Not wishing this on any other young people, but sure would be good for him to meet others his age who completely understand.

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There are 3-things (besides the conference) that i am dying to do

1)...Wrigley field (friday @ 1:30 p.m.) against the shitty astros (i could care less if i see the game or not...as long as i experience that atmosphere from that neighborhood) that i have seen on T.V. since i was a child

2)...Smoque (bbq..yum-yum)...saw it on the food channel

3)...Pats pizza (thin-crust...again...yum-yum)

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