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info sheet, general and IMPORTANT Oxygen info

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The Rio hotel has changed the meeting room in order to accommodate the number of attendees.  All functions will now be held in the Amazon Rooms (C, D, E & F)

On another note, if you are shipping items for the raffle & auction, please do so now in order to assure they arrive by Wednesday.


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Hey Brew.

It is an M tank. Just got it filled and asked what the hell it is.

M was the answer.


I would be three days trying to take a pic and post it.

I need a new iPad with a camera if anyone wants to donate one ;D


Ps. I can't wait to see all of my friends in Vegas!

perhaps since everything is supposed to stay in Vegas; we can all leave our headaches there :)

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I am going to send some nice green sticky buds. Return address will be Dallas Denny's  8-) 8-) 8-)

Shouldn't be a problem :o

Wow Denny's sure got a lot of 'good friends'...such a lucky man!

I think an O2 Supplies Swap Meet is a great idea!!  Put that one in the new suggestion box BB :)

No need for anyone to bring the M tank regulator (unless you want to swap/sell/donate to another ch'er)  We'll have just the one M tank in the meeting room and we've got that one covered.  It goes up to 25lpm Dan!

Now I'm off to watch Oregon beat Tennessee Tech today, going crabbing off the Oregon Coast tomorrow, work a day or 2 and Finally......be able to say "Vegas or Bust!"

Can't wait to you all  :D

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Those Texas crabs made for one helluva good time whilst I lived in Louisiana!  Saturday nights on red dirt roads, a Ford Pick up and migrating... Texas crab! Made for great fun or road bumps......yeee haw!

Good times!

Ps...They're 1000x smaller.  We're viewing them under a microscope in Brews pix!

Am I gonna recognize you Denny?  lol :D :D

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