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2014 Conference - Nashville - details

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9th Annual Clusterbusters Cluster Headache Conference

2014 Nashville TN

Clusterbusters is pleased to announce the dates and venue for the 2014 Conference.

Dates:       Â   Thursday September 18, 2014 to Sunday September 21, 2014

Location:       The Inn at Opryland - A Gaylord Hotel

           Â      2401 Music Valley Drive • Nashville, Tennessee

This is one conference you will not want to miss!

Meeting another "clusterhead" in person is one of the more meaningful experiences previous conference attendees share with us when asked for feedback, so come for this reason alone.


Rooms and Rates:

We have arranged a block of rooms starting at $99 per night.   Make your reservations online at:

HOTEL RESERVATIONS    You WILL want to make your reservations early.


For Online Conference Registration follow this link: ONLINE REGISTRATION

We have been able to reduce the Registration Fee to $125 for attendees and $95 for spouse/companions. 

Schedule of Events:

The 9th Annual Conference will start with Registration and the President's Reception at 6pm on Thursday September 18, 2014. 

The speakers and presentations will follow beginning at 9am on Friday  and continue to Saturday at 5pm.  Sunday is left open for socializing and final goodbyes.

We are still working on the agenda and list of speakers, these will be announced shortly.


As the size of the conference grows each year it becomes more important we plan the conference well in advance to obtain the best possible rates while ensuring we have space, rooms and food for everyone.  We need your help to make it all possible.


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    Definitely will be there.  Missed last year, but enjoyed the group in Vegas the year before. :)

    I'll be driving up from Tampa, FL.  Anyone want a ride thats along the route (I'll be coming straight up 75 to 24)?  Also I have a house an hour and a half south of there.  I might plan a little vacation that week.  It's wayyyy out in the country... 

    Alleyoop - Want me to pick you up in Chattanooga?  You can leave your car at my best friends house there.


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    • 3 weeks later...

    LadyLuv!  :) Hi!  :)

    Here's the good news I just dug up on the parking:

    "Complimentary on-site parking"  [smiley=thumbup.gif]

    MartyO - it'll be great to see you'n the wife. And I imagine the knowledge you've acquired about CH may have come in handy a time or 2 at work if you've encountered a CH'er and you were the only one in the room (or likely even the building) knowledgeable about the affliction!

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    I just can't wait for September! 

    Is it here yet?

    Is it here yet?

    Is it here yet?

    Is it here yet?

    Is it here yet?

    Definitely missed you in Chicago J, great to hear you'll be in Nashville!  Isn't lobster season in September??? Maybe you can bring some fresh ones up for us  8-)

    Looking forward to meeting you and your wife MartyO!!  First time to Tennessee??

    Bejeeber!!!  The MAN!  How have you been my friend?  I hope most excellent and can't wait to see you in September ;D

    PFWishes to All! 


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Fly fishin!!  One of these years ( soon, I hope ), I'm gonna finish this damned cabin and then I'm gonna go do me some of that!!

    Registered and room booked!!  My old Martin has been taken out of its case, dusted, strings replaced, tuned, and placed on her stand so I'll see and fondle her often....I know several pickers are comin!!  We plan to head that way early on Weds, spend that afternoon and nite in Hot Springs and then drive on to Gnashville Thurs mornin!!  Yeeee Hawwww!!


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    • 2 weeks later...

    I've just sent out emails to all registrants on this message board with a new speaker list and the details of the conference.

    The main registration page is here:  ONLINE REGISTRATION

    Yes, there is plenty of parking.

    To all the newcomers or first-timers thinking of coming --- I can only say these conferences are the experience of a CH lifetime, one you will not want to miss.

    And it will be a great conference, once again.


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    • 2 months later...


    I would definitely be open to meeting with you in Choo Choo if you still have the room.  Speaking of which, do you have a room booked that you want to share?

    Anyone else out there that is looking to share a room, please post and let others know.  :)


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    Help! I am trying to make a room reservation but the only rooms available are with 2 double beds for $119 / night. Had the same prob last year. Will any more rooms become available at the conference rate AND with a queen size or larger bed???

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    Thanks for the note.  And the help!  I was unable to do it online so called the hotel direct.  Was told no more rooms available.  Finally got them to admit they had more rooms; but only double beds.  I perservered and got a king bed!!!

    See y'all soon,

    Dick n Bettye

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    • 2 weeks later...

    I went to book my hotel room online today and got a note:  "Not available during your requested days"...... 

    So, I called the hotel, and got a room but was told all the blocked rooms (set aside for the conference) have been booked for the night of 20th & 21st.  The hotel still had rooms and will give you the conference rate, when you phone in and explain.   

    Just an FYI. 

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    I am so stoked. Flight and hotel booked last month.

    I went a couple years ago in Vegas.  But I was so overwhelmed and kept to myself most of the time.

    Even stayed at a different hotel.  Lol

    Im even more stoked that so many fellow Canucks will be there.  Rock on!

    Group hug. 

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    The Clusterbusters, Inc.  9th Annual Cluster Headache Conference is only 48 days away. This year's lineup of speakers will educate, entice and hopefully entertain all that attend. Here is a list of the speakers and a small background on most of them. We are waiting on some info on a few and I will post them when they come in. If you have never attended one of these conferences, I urge you to consider coming to Nashville this Sept 18-21. The speakers are wonderful, and it will likely be the largest collection of clusterheads ever assembled. My first convention was a life changing event. You will not want to miss this convention!

    The links to register and make hotel reservations are below.


    Bob Wold- Bob is founder and President of Clusterbusters, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the research of cluster headache and to support people with cluster headache and their families. Based in greater Chicago with his wife and 4 children, Mr. Wold has talked to 1000s of cluster sufferers. In fact, over 25 years of his adult life was burdened with severe cluster headache that was resistant to all standard treatments. That all changed after he tried psilocybin, which has helped regain control over this illness for him and now hundreds to perhaps thousands of other cluster headache patients all over the world.  Recently, along with Dr. Larry Shcor and Dr. Robert Shapiro, Bob helped develop the "Cluster Headache Fact Sheet" for use by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK. The  sheet can be downloaded from this page:  http://www.crisiscentersblog.com/?p=2382. Bob will present a brief history of Clusterbusters, review the last year, and address plans for the coming year.

    Lee Markins- Lee has experienced cluster headache for most of his life, having gone from chronic for 19 years to episodic for 28 years and now back to chronic.  A strong advocate for CH, he has attended the last three Headache on the Hill meetings in Washington DC.  This is his second year as Chair Person for the Clusterbusters Annual Headache Conferences. 

    Brian E. McGeeney, M.D. , MPH- Dr. Brian E. McGeeney, is a neurologist at Boston Medical Center and full time faculty (Assistant Professor of Neurology) at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr McGeeney is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, with the added qualification in Pain Medicine. Dr McGeeney is also boarded by the American Board of Pain Medicine and holds the United Council on Neurologic Subspecialties board in Headache Medicine. Dr. McGeeney will explore some historical aspects of this disorder, some important people in the initial description and treatment and how to make a good diagnosis. The discussion will also review some related disorders that can mimic cluster headache. The treatment of cluster headache will feature prominently in the presentation. Dr. McGeeney will be the keynote speaker.

    Larry Schor, Ph.D.- Dr. Schor is a Professor of Psychology at the University of West Georgia and a licensed psychotherapist, who will focus on the psychological aspects of CH. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor in Georgia. His research, teaching, and practice focus on the psychological effects and treatment of trauma. He is particularly interested in states of consciousness associated with trauma and pain; especially alterations in consciousness associated with cluster headaches.

    Mr. Bill Mingus-Bill is a long time veteran of cluster headache.  He has been active in the online community and was a member of OUCH USA for many years.  Considered by many as an expert on the use of oxygen in the management of cluster headache, Bill will share his knowledge during a breakout session "Oxygen - Making It Work For You.  A Hands On Demonstration and Discussion".  This will be an opportunity to learn more about oxygen use including tips and tricks to optimize its effectiveness.

    Lisa Hertz- Lisa is an English Teacher and marathon swimmer from St. Petersburg, FL. She was diagnosed with chronic cluster headaches in 2006, and started seeking alternative treatment methods in the summer of 2007 after being hospitalized with cluster headaches and serious asthma complications. Last year, Lisa won a 12 mile marathon swim race around Charleston, SC and was only one of five swimmers to make it across rough conditions of the 24 Mile Tampa Bay Swim. In LisaÂ’s presentation, she will discuss overcoming multiple health issues and the importance of a positive mindset.

    Emmanuelle Schindler, M.D., Ph.D.- Dr. Schindler is a Neurologist at Yale School of Medicine. She received a B.S. in Biological Psychology at the College of William & Mary in 2003 graduating Summa cum laude. She received her MD and PHD in Neuroscience from Drexel University College of Medicine. She has won several awards and honors including the American Academy of Neurology Award, Excellence in Neurology-May 2012. She has numerous publications. Dr. Schindler will be presenting the results of Clusterbusters Medication Use Survey.

    James Fadiman, Ph.D.- Dr. Fadiman did his undergraduate work at Harvard and his graduate work at Stanford, doing research with the Harvard Group, the West Coast Research group in Menlo Park, and Ken Kesey. A former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a professor of psychology, he teaches at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which he helped found in 1975. An international conference presenter, workshop leader, management consultant, and author of several books, he lives in Menlo Park, California, with his filmmaker wife Dorothy. Dr. Fadiman will present on the safety and setting of using alternative treatments for cluster headaches.

    Anjan Chatterjee, M.D., MPH, MBA-Dr. Chatterjee is board certified in Neurology and Psychiatry. Dr. Chatterjee has more than two decades of direct patient care experience, treating patients with a wide variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Over the last decade, Dr. Chatterjee has worked at Merck Research Labs and Pfizer to develop neuroscience medicines. Recently, Dr. Chatterjee founded VR1 Inc. VR1 focuses on providing treatments to address acute pain associated with migraine and other severe headache conditions, including Ausanil®– a non-prescription, homeopathic nasal spray for severe headaches and migraines.

    There will be two medical device company presentations. I am not sure who will be speaking.

    electroCore, LLC- electroCore is a US based electroceutical healthcare company, which is developing a range of non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (nVNS) patient administered therapies for the treatment of multiple conditions in neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology and other fields. Initial focus is on primary headache (migraine and cluster headache), with trials continuing in epilepsy, gastric motility disorders, and depression and anxiety.

    Autonomic Technologies Inc.-is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of severe headache. The companyÂ’s initial product, the ATI Neurostimulation System, is approved in Europe for the treatment of cluster headache and is currently being investigated in a multi-center, randomized study for the treatment of high frequency, high disability migraine.

    Advocacy Panel- An update on CBs advocacy efforts including a report on this yearÂ’s Headache on the Hill. The Clusterbusters advocacy team will address updates on our efforts and the progress we've made and discuss the coming year's events. An interactive session looking at our work on Capitol Hill, Television, Radio and print as well as our presence on the internet.

    Alexis Williams will present a discussion on family members and friends who support cluster headache patients.

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