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2012 Conference chatter


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Home safe.

For the uninitiated, a number of busters are reticent to have their pictures published with a group associated with the kinds of activities in which we engage. I'm just sayin', don't expect near as many pictures as there have been with, say, OUCH conventions.

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Well....here be some photos......a few from the con and a few from my travels around town....

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.....


An unnamed attendee bends over and kisses it goodbye.....


A night of debauchery always starts in the bar.......


And it gets worse as the night goes on.......


Mastering the art of eyes closed cellphone usage.....


Upon learning that the bar had ran out of alcohol the crowd got surly....


Letting us know what hard work has been going on the past year.....


A budding young film maker films a documentary about clusterheads....



Auction items......


A visit to a Las Vegas landmark.......they had to call in a expert when I walked in.....


High dollar dreaming......


I love this town......

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Well the Jeebs-o-meter ended up pegging at 110%!  :)

Nuttiest bunch of wackos I ever met there in Vegas. Wouldn't have it any other way.  :D

I was told that with my no smokin', no drinkin' etc. ways I come off like a certain classic TV personality, so here's my photo from the conference:


Will bring red sweater to Chicago 2013.  ;D

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What a great conference! It was a pleasure meeting some of you for the first time and renuing old friendships from earlier years. The reason I am still here writing this today is because of this "family". Thanks to Bob and others who have created such a loving, caring family out of something so horrible in our lives. I am blessed to have each and every one of you sharing, caring, and understanding what we all go thru as only another clusterhead could.

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Glad to see you on here Andrew!

I'm happy to report that I can see again!  Good Gawd, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to say that after all the neon lights!!!

I still feel like I missed getting to really chat with many of you guys at the conference.  I'd see you, want to start a chat and get distracted with something and poof, you'd be gone or the break would be over! 

Can we redo in SloMo?  LOL

Can't wait to see Molly's production!!!!!  Best conference yet  :)

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